Sunday, December 09, 2007

Guess Who We Saw?!

OK, twice. ;)
(Above: Aidan & Brennan visiting Santa two weekends ago)

(Above: Visiting Santa at the zoo Friday night, while we were seeing the lights)

Down side: both places, it was outside, so we were cold and wearing winter gear. Still a lot of fun and excitement, though. :)


Jennifer said...

I vote for Santa #2--Did he smell like whiskey? Ours did! I could smell him before I could see him. Maybe it's a southern thing? :oP

PS) I love Brennan's little head popping out of the wrap--He is such a doll! (They both are!)

Andrea said...

Kurt took Landen to see Santa at Wal-mart. He didn't like him. Sometimes I have an easier time getting him to like things than Kurt, but who knows. Do your boys have any problem with sitting on his lap? I love the second picture - family pictures are so fun. You all look so happy and Brenna in the wrap is great. =)

As for Jenn's comment above and the whiskey smelling Santa. That's yucky - why can't they find better Santa's if children are going to sit on his lap? My sister (she's in the college thing right now) sat on Santa's lap and he said he was going to have a Merry Christmas boozed and drugged up. Ick! I wish there could be better Santa's than that. =)

Laurie said...

The pictures turned out amazing!

Jennifer said...

Blehhhh! Ha ha ha! GROSS,an--get a LIFE!! I didn't want Landon to sit on whiskey santa's lap, but Andy talked me into letting him go for a quick pic----I soooo need to post it so you can see the expression on Landon's face--ha ha! It was like, "This is Santa...and I like maybe I'll just sit here...Santa isn't all I cracked him up to be..." Poor little thing. :o)

momwats8 said...

I love the pics -especially the one of all you together!!