Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!(post Christmas Eve Mass...hence the disgruntled attire)
I sneaked away to browse the online world and poke around here momentarily while I await my favorite homemade breakfast, chipped beef gravy. (Good ol' Mom!) We're enjoying our time here in South Carolina, and Gatlinburg was just gorgeous. I think it's one of my new favorite places.

Back to today...I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the time with your families & loved ones. We went to Mass yesterday, opened presents, and still woke up today for just a few more from Santa. ;)
(above: cousins on Christmas Eve)

(Brennan's 1st Christmas...his Pop-Pop holds him while he gets a present)

(above: Aidan with his cousin, Jack, enjoying a new toy!)

Enjoy your holiday! Thanks for stopping by.

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christine from monroe said...

hi Sharon! :) This i your friend Christine who used to be on cmomc (st margaret of Antioch?)

Just wanted to say hi and wow you had another baby! :) congrats!

if you wanna say hi, here is my blog (its a live journal) here:


I hope you had a Merry Christmas :) ttyl,