Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes I Miss It

Living in South Carolina, that is.

Temperature there today: Nearly 50 degrees.

Temperature here today: 22 degrees, with 7 inches of snow already on the ground (overnight), and another 3 or so inches expected to fall throughout the day.

Ick. Sick of slush, I'm sick of bundling up, wet grounds, wet playgrounds, boots, scarves, hats, bulky car seats because of bundling up, and gray skies. Ick ick ick. Sick of all the ick.

OK. Back to life now. Plans are under way for building a snowman later today.


Amy said...

I'm with ya! Here in SW Ohio we're expecting 4-6" today, and there's still a few inches hanging around from the last storm. I am SO ready for Spring! I've actually been looking into those lights that are supposed to help with this feeling, but they're SO expensive. :(

Andrea said...

I am SO with you. I can't stand it. We have about 5 inches from last night.. on top of all the snow we already had.. so who knows how much. Not to mention all the Ice that is everywhere. Plus I can't get out of my driveway. There is an abandoned car that the police will do nothing about sitting in front of my house (yes I called about it), preventing the snow plows to get close enough to my driveway. Kurt will have to shovel half of the street. I can't go anywhere and I want to move to SC.

Crystal said...

I'm actually glad it finally snowed again, LOL! I hate it when its cold, muddy and the snow is just little dirty piles. At least now the boys and dh are out playing in the snow, and having fun. I hate cold, but I would definitely rather have cold with snow than without! I'm wierd, LOL. but hey thats definitely not to say I wouldn't love to live somewhere that was warmer all year round, hmmm, maybe like SC!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, Yessssss! I see my hypnosis is working on all of you..Mu ha ha ha ha!!! :oD I do have to say that daffodils have bloomed all over our neighborhood and all of the trees are sprouting little blossoms and I LOVE IT! I know it's nothing compared to your winter, but I, too, am sick of cold, dreary weather. It's been great to be outside all day with the sun shining--just warm enough...Yeah, move here. (Ignore the fact that I'll be whining about the heat and humidity in a couple of months!) Good idea! All my warm weather needs is friends like you to keep me entertained! :o)

Anonymous said...

I live in Tx so we don't get very much snow (thankfully). I'm not sure that I would survive :).

Greg said...

80 degrees here in SC today! Beach weather!! ;)