Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dye-Hard for Easter!

It wouldn't feel like Easter without dyeing some eggs, and that's just what we did. :)
We actually had the egg-party on Sunday after Mass, but I just got around to uploading the pictures today. Aidan had a lot of fun. Brennan wasn't as amused watching as I thought he'd be. Oh well! Next year it will be a whole different story. (Above: Brennan mad we'd actually take hard-boiled eggs away from him!)(Above: Aidan in action)

(Aidan observing his hands getting dyed, too)


(Aidan decorating after the eggs dried)

(the finishing touches)
(& the cute bunny basket to go along with it)
Have you dyed any eggs yet?

These bottom pictures are from our local Easter Egg Hunt (the day before). Aidan had so much fun! (you know, despite the 40 degree weather)(the search is on!)

(uh-oh! Playground distraction! Eggs...playground..eggs...playground)

(playground wins every time! Here is Aidan playing with his friend, Hannah)


Sue said...

they make a very cute couple!!

Bethany said...

Beautiful eggs! I'll be dyeing a few on Saturday before the vigil at our Alma mater ;) Have a wonderful Easter! :D

momwats8 said...

Happy Easter Sharon!! The pics are adorable. My kids love to dye them they just don't like to eat them so we don't do it anymore....

Jennifer said...

I love the pics--It gives me a better view of your daily life and makes it feel like we live closer together, you know? Those boys are DARLING!! I can't tell you enough!! We're dying eggs tomorrow, so I'll post some pics asap :o)

Andrea said...

Love the pictures! We didn't dye Easter Eggs this year.. I'm thinking next year. It's so much fun and I love Aidan's hands!