Thursday, April 03, 2008

Day 2 of 10

As in the 10 Days of Aidan. :) I'm still in disbelief that he will be four. That's almost a whole hand!
I know Brennan is also almost one, but lately I am just feeling how fast it's going with Aidan. He'll be starting preschool in the fall, and I just know it's going by so fast. So fast.

Cutting my babbling short, here are the pictures I promised of Aidan rockin' away with his guitar. He was singing none other than the "Life is a Highway" song featured in the movie Cars.setting upRockin' on with his bad self
He was so naturally comfortable with this. :-)Side note: This guitar was Aidan's very first Christmas present ever. I was actually still pregnant with him, and his cool Uncle Conor (who happens to play in a band), gave this to Aidan. Over 3 years later, it's finally out of the box and in the hands of Aidan!

(though it's embarrassing because I look terrible, not to mention my hubby's hair is "tall", I'm sharing it anyway! Aidan is in my belly here, and this is the guitar, Christmas 2003).


Crystal said...

Aidan definitely looks like a natural! So he's an April baby too, huh? That means he extra-awesome like me, HAHAHA. especially since his birthday is sooo close to mine, less than a week! LOL.

Sue said...

Aidan, will you be in a band with Haleigh????

Jennifer said...

I love this child! Give him a HUGE hug from all of us! MMMMm Mmm! Scrumptious! (Good job on both of those tenderonies!)

PS) You look great in those pics--Seriously, you had that cliche "glow" :o)

Andrea said...

Oh, the guitar. MY brother got Landen one.. it's annoying at times but he says he's play "guitar hero" in some tune that I sing it in.. dang it I can' tthink of the song right now. Okay.. sorry.

Anyway.. you look cute and... okay that is some TALL hair. LOL!!!! Sorry, I don't even know your hubby and I'm saying that. Reminds me of Ice, Ice Baby and the New Kids On the Block .