Wednesday, April 02, 2008

High School Musical! High School Musical!

Just read this: 'High School Musical 3' films in April.
Pretty cool, huh? I loved the 2nd one, but only thought the first one was OK. I'll for sure see the 3rd. I hope they impress as much with the 3rd for their dancing like they did in the 2nd. :)
Plus, Aidan will be so excited! AND, I have to check out how my hottie Corbin Bleu is looking.


Jennifer said...

Know what's funny? Nancy's fiance, Michael, is the (white boy) spitting image of Corbin Bleu!! Every time I see Michael, I want to put an afro wig on his head--If you need a picture for proof, I'll send one!


Andrea said...

Never seen uh one.

Sharon said...

Jen-YES! Send it! I can't picture it. yet;)

Andrea-if you like song & dance type things, I suggest the 2nd one. I really liked it. Then again, I always danced and still love it, so maybe that's why. :)

Greg said...

I liked the first one and thought that the second one was alright.

But don't tell anyone because I will flat-out deny it! :)

Sue said...

The first one ok????? Crazy Woman!! I feel for Andrea that she hasn't seen the fantastic movies! You are missing out!!!! We will be there opening weekend ALL 3 DAYS!!!!!!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Greg--Don't feel bad--My husband knows most of the actors' names from HSM AND he knows a couple of songs AAANNNND, I caught him watching HSM 2 BY HIMSELF one night--He was so embarassed! LOL! Andrea--Get on the HSM train, woman! Then we can have a club :o)

Sharon--I'm working on the pics--Check your e-mail!