Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day 5 of 10: Train Lover

It started at such a young age (I'm sure he inherited this from my dad!), and it's lasted through the years. In fact, he is doing a great job of passing this interest down to his little brother. :)
(Aidan's first Thanksgiving, in SC-8 months old)

(playing at the mall, @ 15 months old)
(Aidan's 2nd Christmas, SC)(2nd birthday cake)

(Thomas pjs, a b-day present from his Aunt Kely when he turned 2)
(Aidan at Day-Out-With-Thomas, Greenfield Village, 2 years old)
(The 3 of us, Day-Out-with-Thomas)
(Thanksgiving trip to SC, 2006, riding a train in Simpsonville)

(Playing with his cousin Jack, downtown Greenville, November 2006)
(2.5 years old; the train table from Santa)
(Aidan & his daddy)
(zoo trip & train ride around "Africa", June 2007)
(Aidan & his daddy, again)
(Aidan, 3 years old, with his Pop-Pop Choo-Choo, Toledo)(3 years old)

(Aidan & Brennan, January 2008)


Jennifer said...

Okay, I am LOVING these pictures of Aidan!!! I wish we could have a YEAR of Bruen boy pics instead of ten short days!!

Andrea said...

He is a train lover! Cute!

Sue said...

I love his Thomas cake!! I hope we can all go tot Tweetsie Railroad together sometime, Aidan & Brennan will love it! And Jack would love to take them to the George's Club! :)