Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 6 of 10: This Time Last Year

It's crazy how fast kids this age grow!
I hope you're not too sick of the pictures yet, because I'm sharing some more. ;) (If you are, then just wait to come back here until next Sunday--Saturday is Aidan's birthday and concludes my posts for him. ;)

These pictures are from a year ago exactly. Aidan received his birthday present from his Aunt Sue (& family) in the mail. He was really into Dora last year, and this was quite the cool gift for him. He actually still has it, resting in his Thomas lunch box, in his room. He and his cousin, Michelle, played with it this past weekend.

He went from Thomas to Dora/Diego to Wonder Pets, and this year he enjoys Curious George, Word World, Wow Wow Wubzy, and of course Lightning McQueen. These early years sure are a great time!

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Sue said...

awwww, it's almost like being there, but not good enough. nice way to end the day. :)