Thursday, October 23, 2008

Before You Head Off to Vote

Maybe you could watch this short video. It's not featuring McCain or Obama.
It's a reflection on why one issue is the major issue for me when it comes to deciding who will get my vote.

Watching it via Youtube isn't the best, as the original clip was not available. This is pretty darn good, though.
You can watch the video from its original source here.

If you really want an emotional experience, watch this one.

Please. Think before you vote. It may seem like only one issue, but when it literally comes to life or death, I think that one issue really reflects what type of person someone is.

Really. I ask you to please re-think your choice before you vote. Stop to think about whether or not you are making the best choice.
Less than two weeks. That's it.


Mandy said...

Agreed. That is the major issue for me as well.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, I cried through most of that for sooo many reasons....Overwhelmed that I had a little baby inside of me just like that one...Disgusted by abortion...Scared about the election and what it could mean...I have been so, so haunted by abortion lately!! Tonight it was my topic on the radio show, but all of the other topics tie right into it (stem cell research, cloning, etc...) That's why this issue tells us so much about a candidate--We HAVE to protect ALL life. ALL of it! Ugh--Its just too, too sad....

One last thing--A pregnant girl called into the show tonight and said that she had almost miscarried at a certain point in her pregnancy. She said she was irritated and confused about her pro-choice/pro-abortion freinds' reactions to the situation. She said they were so sad, trying to console her and all she could think was, "Why are you mourning something you think is not more than a blob of cells? NOt even human?" I thought that was a really interesting point!

casual friday everyday said...

This is one of the reasons I just can't let myself vote Obama. Not the only reason but a big one.

:--) Nell