Thursday, October 02, 2008

First Field Trip!

One month into preschool and Aidan went on his first field trip!
His class went to a local historical estate (The 577 Foundation). Their weekly theme was Long Ago in Ohio, so this place was perfect.
They went inside a real log cabin (built over 100 years ago), saw how the pioneers went to the bathroom (in a bowl!), observed bees making honey, pottery and the tools to make it, fed fish inside the biodome, played in a tee pee, tree house, put on a puppet show, and enjoyed the children's corn maze. It was a fun time for them! (and a very long hour! lol)

It was quite the different feeling going on a field trip as a parent. My only experience was on the teacher end. I found it to be equally as exhausting. ;) I also learned that Aidan finds it hard to listen to me when he is around his teacher and classmates. I'm sure his excitement had something to do with that, but it was still frustrating.
Another thing I learned was that he's one of the only kids in his class that did not go to preschool last year. I feel like it sort of places him at a slight disadvantage because he is not used to the routine and classroom environment, but I don't regret not sending him, either. Three is still young!

They already have another field trip in 2 weeks-this time to the pumpkin patch! I'm more excited about this one, and Pat & Brennan are coming, too. You can count on pictures.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend. :)


Sue said...

very cute! I think he'll get used to the routine-give him some time. I think 3 is young from a Mommy's view but some kids may feel differently! Jack just turned 3 & I really think he is ready (except w/ the potty issue) Haleigh was more than by 3, I wasn't though! time to clean :(

Lynette said...

My youngest just had his first preschool field trip last week and next week another one to a pumpkin patch. It's so fun to watch them at this age.

Andrea said...

How fun! I love that sort of thing.

I think three is way to young for pre school, to me I think that when they're three it's more or less a day care. My opinion.

Somedays when I read your posts I think preschool would be good for Landen.. especially when you said that most in his class were in the first year and that he has a bit of a disadvantage. I don't want him to have a disadvantage.. *sigh* I talked ot a lady yesteday about it and she just gave me the whole social thing, but I won't buy you need to go to school for social reasons. I'm 100x's more social than a lot of people I know that went to school so I think it has to do with the person.

The pictures look great... that stick igloo thing is awesome.

Bethany said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm sure the pumpkin patch will be a BLAST with the kids...and most kids (at least at my school) have a hard time listening to their parents w/ kids and teachers around ;) I love my school, but we don't do any field trips...sometimes, I think it'd be fun!

Sue said...

I just want to comment on going to preschool at the age of 3 is more like a daycare. So not true! First, it's normally not for more than 3 hrs. & they learn songs, learn abc's, Haleigh learned days of the week...... NOT a daycare! especially when it is through a church. Plus they bring home lots of crafts.

Crystal said...

Wow, that looks like a fun field trip! Ethan is going to a orchard on the 30th with his class and the 6th and 7th graders, so his aunt Maddy will be there too. He asked me to drive, so I'm excited to go with him. Going on a hayride, getting a pumpkin, all kinds of stuff!

Have fun at the pumpkin patch!