Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scrooge in Disguise?

She claims to have all this Christmas spirit within her.
Already plastering artificial snow around her house, displaying wreaths and other such decor, she is attempting to make us believe she is a Christmas lover.

But is she?

I call her bluff.

She recites lines from many Christmas/holiday movies. In fact, tonight she will be watching The Family Man. That's great. Fine & dandy.

But ask her who George Bailey is, and she can not say. WHY?!
Because, my readers, Ms. Scrooge-in-Disguise has never seen It's a Wonderful Life. EVER.

Tsk tsk tsk.

Hop to it, Sue. Before you get your real first snowfall this year, you better have watched It's a Wonderful Life. Or forever to me, you will be Scrooge in Disguise.

Go on now. Do the right thing. Go meet George Bailey and Clarence. Tour Bedford Falls.


Crystal said...

Um, yeah, I've never actually seen the movie either...I've got bits of it flipping channels and caught the famous "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" scene at the end but never watched the entire thing! I might just have to go rent it and watch it with the boys or take it out to my sister's house for after thanksgiving dinner.

Sue said...

hey, thanks for the support! Just so you know, it's at the top of my que.

Jennifer said...

Never seen It's a Wonderful Life??! Sacrelidge! (Make sure you say that in a French accent for full effect)

SHEAFmom said...

My Aunt has always been a huge fan :-) I am looking forward to introducing it to my children this year. Thank you for the reminder.

Sue said...

I'll have it tomorrow tramp.