Friday, November 14, 2008

Talk About a Deal!

I recently posted on Twitter that I found some amazing deals. I love finding a good deal. Who doesn't?

My mother-in-law says I make Polock proud. I take that as a compliment! ;)
So here is to making the frugal-minded proud. I sure enjoyed myself.

I hit Target and found Halloween costumes marked down to 90% off (thanks to my friend Amanda for the heads up!). You can't find a better deal! I bought a Ninja costume for Aidan for $1.49. $1.49! I figured if he outgrows it by next year, or really wants to be something else, it will at least be fun for play clothes.

The costume did not come with a sword, so we picked one up from the Dollar Tree. An entire Ninja Costume for $2.49. YES!! (and it's likely he'll be able to wear it next year, as it's a size 6-8). I love this one. I bought Brennan a police costume. So stinking cute. This one was $2.00. Can you believe these deals?! Awesome. He looks so adorable in it, too. See?This one is size 2-4, so hopefully it will fit him next year. (Not pictured: a Buzz Lightyear costume in Brennan's size for next year, just under $2. I would have bought one for Aidan, too, but none were left in his size)We've really enjoyed coordinating their costumes, and so have they. Last year Aidan was a firefighter and Brennan a dalmatian; this year Aidan was Batman and Brennan was Superman.
I was trying to figure out what we could do for next year with these, and my hubs (Pat) had the great idea of Brennan being a cop, and Aidan a jailbird. Wouldn't that be cute? I'm hoping they'll both be willing to go with that next year. ;)Oh, and the above pumpkin buckets were 12 cents each. 12 cents! Brennan loves to just carry them around, so I thought why not. We actually did pretend play trick-or-treat, and the boys were using legos as candy. Very cute. I almost forgot...I also picked up two Halloween placemats for 10 cents each, and one sheet of Halloween window cling stickers for 9 cents. Incredible.

Another great deal I found was actually for me. We were at Michael's and they had their yard Scarecrows for $1.59! These scarecrows are over 4 feet tall! I was so excited. I've wanted one but never felt like spending 1o bucks on it. I love it and would have put it out until Thanksgiving, but our ground is pretty solid already with the temps we've had. Definitely next year!

Those are my awesome deals. There have been others, but I can't mention them because they are Christmas presents for people. ;)
Speaking of, I'm about half-way finished with my shopping, and last night I wrapped the first four presents.
How about you?


Cassie said...

Oh geez...people like you. LOL! I am going to have this baby any day and I haven't even begun to think about shopping for Christmas. It's going to be misery, but I just cannot shop without the Christmas music and decorations, cooler temperatures, and , well, pressure. Ha ha ha!

Andrea said...


Amy said...

Great bargains! I hit that Target sale one year, too, and got a giraffe costume for DD. Love those bargains!