Friday, December 12, 2008

I say Shame On 'Shame on'!

I suspected this was union related.

A few months ago Sonic opened near us. To say the least, we were looking forward to it. My husband can down Sonic food and still look like he exercises rigorously. (yeah, I pretty much hate him for that).
While Sonic was being built, there were 2-3 men standing with a large sign, pretty much every day, that read "Shame on Sonic".

During that time a new hotel was being built (still is, actually). This is just down the road from Sonic. At this location there were also a few men standing proudly with their "Shame On" sign.

I admit I judged without knowing the facts, but I assumed it was union related. Turns out I was right.

Now, I fully agree that people should be paid according to the job at hand, experience, and quality of work they produce.
I also feel that more times than not, if you're working a union job, you are likely getting paid more than the typical job holder for that position. I do not think unions are all good. I feel that most of the time, unions take advantage of the employer, resulting in the employee doing less work for more money. How is that fair?

I drive past these guys holding their Shame On signs, and I just want to yell out my window "Shame on YOU!". Here we are in such a tough economic time. And they're complaining that people have a job to do. It wasn't them, sure. Well gee, like many people have done, maybe if these union workers were willing to negotiate or even cooperate with businesses, they'd have a job to do! Instead they want to sit there and protest companies who are in fact employing people when times don't offer much hope.

Am I the only one who thinks this is messed up?

I'm sorry. If you can't hold a job unless a union is backing you, then are you really the stellar job candidate you think you are?
Apparently not.

I say Shame on THEM. Seems to me they are wasting time holding their signs. Shouldn't they be using that time to find a job?

(Btw, the posted picture is not of our area, but I found it via Google to show you their signs)


casual friday everyday said...

We had union workers in front of a grocery store here for months...and I mean MONTHS. I never really found out what was the exact reason for it but I thought... how boring that must be. ;)

We have a sonic that came in last year and we love it!

Amy said...

I think unions had their place in our history, but I think they've outlived their usefulness.