Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Array of Questions

Feel free to answer in the comment section. :)

  • Tankless hot water heater: yay or nay?
  • Lowe's or Home Depot?
  • What do you set your thermostat at?
  • Do you have a programmable thermostat?
  • How often do you vacuum out your car?
  • Have you ever used H&R Block online? If yes, was it worth it?
  • If you prepare your taxes yourself, which program do you use? (Turbotax, etc)
  • What do you prefer to treat stains on carpet?
  • Do you want my toddler for the day?


the JOHNSON family said...

We have a tankless water heater for our master bedroom and it works great! It takes just about 30 seconds to heat up. It does make a humming sound a bit when it's on. I would ask a plumber if a tankless water heater can handle a whole house worth of running hot the diswasher running, washing clothes and you're taking a shower all at the same time.

Sue said...

na on 1st question. Home Depot. Ugh, I'd like to keep out thermostat no higher than 68 but this house is soo cold! we have a progammable thermostat & I hate it! we treat our carpet with a kirby brand. it's not sold everywhere, but it is great. when i am out of that & broke i use woolite carpet stain treater & it works well too. toddler for the day???'ll get back to ya! :)

Mandy said...

1. Not sure...
2. Lowe's (I have one right around the corner from me)
3. thermostat set at 68
4. yes it is programmable
5. do not vacuum out car often enough. oops
6. no, have not used HR Block online...we have an accountant.
7. n/a
8. Resolve. I do have a steamer, too.
9. No, thank you. I have two of my own. That's plenty. :)

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Hmmm....We go to Lowe's more because it's nicer and has more but the customer service is horrible. The thermostat upstairs at night 67/68, 65 day. Downstairs is 60 at night and 65/66 during the day and it's not programmable. But maybe it should be. We definitely should vacuum out our car more. We won't even talk about John's car. He probably hasn't cleaned it since he bought it 11 years ago. We use H&R Block online every year for the past few years and we like it. It is easy and fast and we think it is worth the $30 or so. I still haven't found anything great to treat stains but I steam clean our carpets every so often. And I will take the toddler BUT you have to take a 4 and 3 year old. I'm sure Aidan would love the playmates :)

TulipGirl said...

"Have you ever used H&R Block online? If yes, was it worth it?"

Yes and yes.

Our taxes are fairly straightforward, and I think we pay a $10 filing fee (?) or thereabouts. It's great to be able to access our past years' tax records and print them out whenever needed (as we've needed to do at least a few times a year for student financial aid, etc.) I've also used the tax records when I need to access the kids' SSNs and am not at home to check my files. The forms "remember" the basics from the previous years, so it is so quick and easy to fill out.

I haven't filed the state income tax through H&R block, as we live in Florida. *grin* Hooray for no state income tax!

Lynette said...

Not sure this is the order:

I have never heard of a tankless water heater. How in the world would that work?

No preference on the "home" store as that is hubby's department.

Kids and Pets is a great carpet cleaner for, well, kids and pet stains. The name says it all. You can get it at Wal-Mart or Target.

We have zoned heating (a thermostat on each level of the house) and they are set at 67 during sleeping hours and 69 during the day.

Turbo tax we have used for the last 4 years. Easy. Reasonably priced. Quick.

Vacuum the van - only when it's warm out. You could make trail mix out of what you find in it during the winter months. Gross, huh?

Bethany said...

1. No clue
2. Lowe's
3. 68ish
4. Nope
5. Once a month or so, esp in warmer weather ;)
6. Nope, never used H & R Block
7. I truthfully don't remember
8. Oxyclean or laundry soap and a
9. Sure, if you toss him in with my kiddles at school, no one will even notice! ;)

Stacey said...

1. Yay.
2. Lowe's.
3. 72.
4. Once a year.
5. No. Drew might have.
6. I dunno.
7. I use Drew. Heh.
8. Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Also works on microfiber furniture.

Amy said...

Tankless hot water heater: yay or nay? -- can't help you on that one :)

Lowe's or Home Depot? --Lowe's, 100% of the time. We've had some bad Home Depot experiences.

What do you set your thermostat at?
70-72 if I set it. 68 if DH notices and resets it. :)

Do you have a programmable thermostat? yes- very handy

How often do you vacuum out your car? -- when I can see more goldfish than carpet LOL!

What do you prefer to treat stains on carpet? Resolve-- red bottle with two cleaners that mix as you squirt them. Nothing works better on our particular carpet.

Do you want my toddler for the day?
:) Hee hee... no thanks.