Thursday, January 22, 2009

There in Spirit

Rally Marks Roe V. Wade Anniversary, New President
"Obama, who did not attend the rally, issued a statement Thursday saying the government "should not intrude on our most private family matters" and reaffirming his support for abortion rights.
President George W. Bush regularly voiced support for those attending the annual anti-abortion rally. In audio remarks broadcast to demonstrators last year, he said biology confirms that from the start, each unborn child is a separate individual with his or her own genetic code."

No no no. It's not an anti-abortion rally. I hate when the media does crap like this. It's a pro-life movement. Let's not make it negative using words like "anti-",when in fact it's a positive thing trying to allow for the simple right of life.

Obama's quote about family matter staying private...I would like to call B.S. Hypocrite.

I have the utmost appreciation for Bush's record in this area, which is why I shared the piece on him.

Personally, I have participated in the March for Life in D.C.
Is it easy?

It's emotionally exhausting, especially when marching in freezing temps, witnessing pro-abortion people yelling at you as if you are the one who is supporting something faulty. They come back with their vulgar signs and aggressive behavior; Not all, but it unfortunately takes one to make an impression.

I truly feel that it's an experience worth every pro-lifer's time. At least once in their life should a pro-lifer make the trip to D.C. and experience this. It is so affirming and incredible, coming together with thousands of strangers, uniting for a simple purpose.



Bethany said...

I hate, hate, HATE it when people call us anti-abortion as opposed to pro-life. I marched for 5 years in the March for Life and none of them were easy, but all were totally worth it.

Modern Catholic Mom said...

Great post, I hope to make it someday. I have always attended local events but someday my kids and I will proudly march or better yet maybe the madness will end and we won't need to march any more!


Andrea said...

Great post Sharon!

I took hate the anti-abortion talk. I am proud of you for taking the walk before. I have never, but would like to someday - or as Ellen said, but it will stop and we won't have too. I did however stand in prayer this last summer for the first time along our main road with others with signs. It too was emotionally exhausting, yet very humbling at the same time. It makes me sad. I'm sure you read my post.

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

I assume you saw this

It didn't take long for Obama to begin doing things I just plain don't agree with.


Modern Catholic Mom said...

I wish I was there too. I felt bad being here in the comfort of my own home knowing there were people there standing up for the pro-life movement... the more I research Bush v. Obama I am just amazed by how many positive things Bush did for the pro-life movement. He really is a good man. He upholds the dignity of life and that is what it is all about!


Rose said...

Yay for LIFE! Our family raised $250.00 for our local pregnancy crisis center in a walk for life fundraiser. We want them to know that we not only are pro-life but we also will do concrete things to help. Even if we are not able to go to D.C. we can all do something.

I have been writing a lot of posts on my blog lately about pro-life causes, mainly because we prayed the Novena for Life leading up to the inauguration. We don't agree with OBama but the director of Human Life international gives us Pro-life do's and dont's which I think are very helpful in thinking about where we go from here.

Great post! I found you because you commented on one of my posts a long time ago! Thanks for visiting, I will bookmark your blog to come back and read again!

Rose said...

I forgot to mention this-- at our Bible study, one lady mentioned that an abortion clinic and a pregnancy crisis center shared a building, somewhere in our town. Well, people would pray with their hands up against the wall on the pregnancy crisis side, praying for what was happening on the other side of the wall. That abortion clinic ended up closing! The power of prayer is what we need now more than ever.