Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Should We Cater to the Atheists?

This world we live in which customers sue restaurants for serving hot beverages, where criminals can sue their victims....
This world where we have to be so politically correct that "Under God" is questioned as being a part of the Pledge, and court houses are threatened to remove the Ten Commandments...

This world makes me sad and sickened in so many ways.

Here is the most recent:
Atheists want "so help me God" stricken from inaugural oath, as well as the use of religious words and prayers.

You know, if they don't believe in God, then fine.
Tune it out, don't pay attention.
But don't try to change hundreds of years of history, especially when the person/people involved do believe in God. We're not saying everyone listening has to do the same, but as the one making the speech, they should have the right to add a prayer, say God's name, bestow a blessing, or have a religious leader present.

What is politically correct about a person not being allowed to practice what they believe?
I may not like President-elect Obama, but he does claim to be a Christian, which indicates he believes in God. If he believes in God, then why should he not be allowed to incorporate that into his acceptance?
It'd be one thing if Obama claimed to be an atheist. Then it would be almost a mockery if he included God aloud. (because let's face it, God is included whether we like it or not) But he does not.

There are so many things popping up to be concerned about in our country.
I am really hoping that no law prohibits the use of a tradition--including "so help me God"--which has been used for so long in our history.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this raises some really really important points. Holding religious values is not hateful. At some point people need to get over themselves.

Sue said...

Obama is as much of a christian as he is a non-smoker!

Stacey said...

I would only side with the atheists on this one if Obama were himself atheist. Since he's a Christian, he should absolutely say "so help me God," then pray every night for God's guidance during his presidency.

Atheists think WE don't mind our own business?

Amy said...

Sharon, I love that you seem like this sweet quiet girl but really you know how to speak your mind and aren't afraid to do it! I say let the atheists elect their own president if they want a chief executive who leaves out God.

Sharon said...

I had to chuckle when reading your comment. Once I'm comfortable, I tend to very much speak my mind (some say run my mouth). I have a hard time NOT saying what i am thinking. Part of why I started to blog in the first place. ;)

But thanks. :)