Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday

I heard this song the other day, and immediately I thought of my oldest sister, Carolyn.
I remember this song came out shortly after Aidan was born. We headed down south for his first Thanksgiving, and my sister loved this song. (and Tim McGraw, her eye candy;)

It saddens me some, as my sister and I are estranged. It's been this way for several years now, but I still love her, and there are plenty of moments when I miss her.

It makes me laugh looking back.

She was the first person I saw Dirty Dancing with. My mom let me spend the night at her apartment, and we watched it, eating popcorn & junk food, being girls and having fun. I felt so cool, watching this big kid movie with my oldest sister. (if my dad knew, he would have been ticked. Part of the fun, I suppose!)

I also remember, being very young, when she took me to see Honey, I Shrunk the Kids in the movie theater.

Memories...good and bad. I wish there were more good memories.

We are at a standstill, though. It does not help that distance spaces us even more.

If we did as Tim McGraw sings in the song, if we lived like we were dying, I'd like to believe that I would get in contact with Carolyn. I'd like to think our differences could be put aside, and we could get to know each others' kids, maybe even enjoy some girl time.

Maybe one day.
At least I hope.


hyperactive lu said...

I know the feeling. We don't have a relationship with Hubbie's parents or family... or at least not much of one. Its sad. We have good memories and bad memories...things we wish we could change and things that we don't feel need to be changed.

Hope it works out one day! :)

Sue said...

I miss her at times myself but there comes a point when a parent has to make sure their kids are no longer being hurt. Carolyn hurt Haleigh one too many times, perhaps she thinks the same with me to Emily.

April said...

Oh I love that song and I'm not a big country fan...although Tim McGraw is so freakin' SEXY!!

Anyway, I'm finally catching up on some blog hopping from the UBP so I thought I'd say hi and thanks for stopping by mine. :)

Andrea said...

I will pray for you and your sister. I can't imagine. It made me cry reading your post.

God bless you Sharon! Sometimes I feel like you could be my sister, and I'm always glad to have a bunch more. *hugs*