Saturday, March 28, 2009


Why is it we love the dirt on other people?
Does it make us feel more normal?

Just wondering...

So I have a confession to make.
Remember not too long ago I made a post stating that I had made lifetime with Weight Watchers? (Lifetime means you've reached & maintained your goal weight for a minimum of 6 weeks)

Yeah, well, here is the confession: I have not been to WW in a long time, and sadly, I am far from my goal weight. Not nearly as far as when I initially joined after Brennan was born, but far enough.

I should have joined in on Amy's Biggest Loser contest. I just wasn't ready. I am a huge emotional eater and I've been doing so much of that. Between Pat being in grad school, moving, needing a new roof, and now some flooring issues, food has been a very present best friend.

Is food a problem? No, so long as it's the right food.

I've chosen all the wrong foods. In excess.
And I know better.

Today was a new day, though, and back to Weight Watchers I went.
It's amazing how motivating those meetings are! I need them. If I ever let myself not go again (at least twice a month), come over and bonk me on the head. I am so much better off treating my body well!

While I'm not courageous enough to share a picture of my right now, I will share a picture of me from when I made lifetime:It's my motivation, you are a witness, and I ask you to hold me accountable.

I am on my way to my goal weight.

The number of times doesn't matter so much, as long as I get there.
Let's do it!


Amy said...

Sharon -- Sounds like you have a good attitude about it. I know you can do it!

Marchelle said...

You can do it, Sharon! I've always known you to be a go-getter, and I've got faith in you (but if it makes you feel better, my thoughts, prayers & support are with you). I'm right there with ya! Having two pregnancies back-to-back has been rather tough on my body, and "the slowdown" of my daily routine has only added to the weight gain.

I'm rootin' for ya!

Bethany said...

You have a great attitude-- you can do it! What does lifetime mean in WW? I'm not familiar with it at all. I'd!

Lynette3boys said...

Whoa girl - you are smokin' hot! You can do this! We're here for you when you need the encouragement. Go for it!

The Happy Housewife said...

I am sure you can do it. Many of my family members have lost weight using WW, it is a great program as you already know!

Andrea said...

Good for you Sharon! I'm very proud of you for sharing. =)