Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

In This Irish Home
May these walls be filled with laughter,
may it reach from floor to rafter.
May the roof keep out the rain,
may sunshine warm each windowpane.
And may the door be open wide to let the Good Lord's love inside.

This was my best St. Patrick's Day post.
I'm remembering today that Ireland is much more than just drinking and the Americanized way of celebrating (getting drunk).

The Irish culture is so much fun. I absolutely love it. A welcoming nature, fantastic music, atmosphere-to-crave....
I love the landscape and nature of Ireland, too. Dingle was my favorite place when I traveled there.
Irish dancing? Also love it. If you have never seen Michael Flatley live, you're missing out.

Today we're wearing green, eating corned beef & cabbage for dinner, maybe some Irish Soda Bread, and Aidan searched for hidden chocolate gold coins this morning. Irish music is playing. Guinness and Harp await in the fridge. St. Patrick's Day is a great day of culture.

What are you doing for this Irish day? (start with signing here to make St. Patrick's Day a legal holiday;)


vinbeazel said...

we are doing a green apprentice show on BTR; at 2pm central: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/carlacareyLIVE

Crystal said...

so we looked for the gold coins that the leprechauns almost forgot to hide until about 7:30 this morning! also I forgot about wearing green until I just looked down and realized I do have green in my shirt! I don't know how to make corned beef and cabbage so we are settling for turkey ham (precooked just need to heat in the oven) and buttered noodles with green beans. I know, pretty lame huh? unless my in-laws happen to call us and invite us over for dinner which would be awesome, I LOVE corned beef, just never made, always had it over there or at my parents. ok sorry for the rambling.

oh and Pat, if you read this, sorry about the other comment, just a joke, thats how comfortable I feel with Sharon and you so I hope you are not upset with me!

Jennifer said...

Ever since the first ostcard I got from Dingle (while you were there), I giggle whenever I hear the name---Dingle (heeheehee!) DINGLE! (Heeheehee!)

Irish culture IS awesome! I miss all of the Irish people I used to hang out with--that was only at the Irish pub where I worked, but it was still awesome! Let's bring the boys to Ireland some day!

Sue said...

sleep-must sleep

PB said...

Crystal, no worries, I didn't find it offensive.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Thank you for this. It seems like the common thing people say when I say I'm Irish is some comment about drinking and fighting :( Two things I don't do.

Bethany said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, a day late! :) I re-posted my Ireland post from last year, because HELLO, what's better about March 17th than showing off pics of Ireland?!?! ;)