Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look What He Did to My Baby!


Yes, Brennan is still cute.
But let me tell you, having not discussed getting this cut for him, I was a bit shocked when they walked in the door. Brennan has had 4 other hair cuts. Not one of them was a buzz cut. Not one of them.

I cried.
Yup. Sure did.
My baby and his beautiful hair? Gone! And his hair isn't as grown in as Aidan's, so when the light hits it just right, he looks like he has a shaved head.

I only like that on grown men.

Still cute, yadda yadda yadda.
The thing is, he and Aidan have different-shaped faces. Aidan & Brennan do better with different hair styles.
Plus, they look alike, but Brennan looked like Brennan before. Now he looks like Aidan.
Not that Aidan isn't handsome-he sure is. But I want each kid to remain their own.

They're cute, both of them, and hair grows back, I know.
I just couldn't seize on an opportunity to tattle on my husband.


Sue said...

Pat is a NAZI!!!!!!!!! Sorry, A & B are BEAUTIFUL but I am not a fan of buzz cuts. God gave them both gorgeous hair. It better grow back by Easter!

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!! Wow, that's quite a shocker, huh? He is still adorable, but thank goodness boys' hair grows fast ;)

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! They do both look adorable but WOW, what a change. I can't believe how OLD Brennan looks!!! He looks like such a big kid now. Bad Pat for not asking Momma first, LOL. Hmm, I know what somebody's not getting, LOL.

on another topic, thanks for the offer to go shopping with me. My mom-in-law wanted to go with me though and it was nice just the two of us spending time together for a change. I got 2 different dresses, watch for a blog post later for some opinions.

the JOHNSON family said...

SHOCK!!!!!!!! I would be in total shock if Michael shaved one of my boys' hair! Toddlers are just cute and soft and sweet with longer soft baby hair. Now Brennan has a big boy haircut and I know you're probably not ready for him to be a big boy yet! :( It will grow back though and he's still a little doll (just a doll with very little hair) :)

Mandy said...

He looks so grown up now! My husband did the same thing to Frick. My mother had a fit. :)

Angie said...

I almost just cried too! LOL Seriously. He's still a cutie, but I would miss his little mop of hair. (((HUGS)))

Amy said...

Oh, I absolutely would have cried. My dh has done this to my boys before, too. They love it, but I like my kiddos with a little more hair. You're right, though. It'll grow back...thanfully!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I apologize. When I saw your post on facebook, honestly, I thought you were over-reacting. A wife who wants her husband to help with the children then throws a fit when he doesn't do things how SHE wants them done.

But now that I've seen the picture... your husband is so in the doghouse!

Amy said...

My DH has talked about doing this to DS and I've threatened his life. ;) We've comprimised with a nearly-shaved sides, about an inch on top cut. It's too short for me, not short enough for DH, but it works!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Oh no! Grow that hair back, he looks too much like a big boy now ;) Why their babyness is in their hair, I just don't know, but it is!


Anonymous said...

that is not a big boy haircut - its just BAD!!!