Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pray for this little boy!

And especially his family.

Missing Toddler Found Dead
Wright said William was not autistic, as previously reported. He said he was a “sweet little 2½-year old child.” He said that William had some "sensory issues" that may have kept him from responding when searchers called out his name.
This story is just breaking my heart. I was on the phone w/ my mother and she mentioned the news to me. Having lived there for 11 years, I was curious and tuned in to the story.
We came home to the message from my mom telling us he was found dead. :(

So incredibly sad, and so incredibly hard for this family. Pray for them!

May God hold him extra tight and bring peace to this family.


Sue said...

I'd like to go to St. Paul's this Sunday, it will be very sad but after hearing about this it really makes you love your little ones even more. You know he's in heaven-pray for the family-especially the Mom-you know she must feel so much guilt.

Monica said...

I heard about this story from a friend and the family has been in my prayers as well.