Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's Me Thursday~Which One are You?

2nd week running for this meme at The Classy Closet, and I'm having fun with it.I'm certainly not the tan one. Ha!
Blonde? Yeah, but it's not all me for this week.

Who am I??
This week it's a toss up between the Grumpy One and one who gets-things done (which I didn't see one for, so I'm adding:).

I don't want to be grumpy, but things made me grumpy this week. Bugs inside my inside-nasty ones, too-millipedes, spiders, ants. YUCK.
The dumpster was finally removed from 0ur driveway, but they did a sloppy job and left crap in the driveway, including old nails. Thanks to them. I certainly don't have a metal detector to clean up to ensure my sons' safety. GRRRR!!

Trying on clothes made me grumpy. Weight gain? Grumpy. Non-sleeping children? You guessed it...grumpy!

I do have a lot to be grateful for this week, but from the above list, I'm The Grumpy One.

Which one are you?


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Me too I am am grumpy this week today especially! Hopefully you will be the cheery one later today!

Sue said...

ummm.. did you see the word above the lion??? it rhymes with yuck......

Sharon said...

Sue-thanks for pointing that out.
I don't like it and would not have chosen that myself. I'll try to edit that out.

To anyone else reading:
I am not OK w/ that word being on here.
Sorry if it's offensive to anyone else.

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Ewww just saw that...I've edited the image...go and grab the new one on CC.

Sharon said...

Thanks Jen!

So Sue-which one are YOU?
With your nice weather you could be the tan one.

Sue said...

I didn't see one for being TIRED! I'm eeyore today I guess.

Kat said...

Glad I wrote mine yesterday because today I would DEFINITELY be grumpy. I too am NEVER the tan one!! LOL