Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Homeowner

(thanks to Sandra for the image)

1. There are many roofing companies....many, many, many.
2. CertainTeed shingles have more than a few lawsuits against them. It was enough to make us turn down the 2 companies using their shingles.
3. Wood-like laminate flooring? Get the floating.
4. People will assume an awful lot based on where you live alone.
5. Ants in my house make me insane.
6. Orkin may be my new best friend (I'll let you know after tomorrow)
7. A shed can be a blessing in disguise (esp when you only have a 1-car garage, and have no basement)
8. Back to roofing: you may be told the Ventsure roll ridge is fine, but it's really meant for homes w/ cathedral ceilings. Flatter roofs could actually be more damaged with that type of ventilation.
9. Parque flooring is not pret-tay. (aiming for a word rhyme there)
10. You need a rake even in the winter.
11. Never assume the previous owners did anything positive for the house.
12. Warranties are best if transferable, especially if you want to re-sell within 5-10 years.
13. Lastly, I thought I missed renting (minor inconveniences in someone else's hands), but never again. Our former landlord is trying to scam us unjustly, and for that I am happy to finally be a homeowner. I say what, where, and what color, thank you very much.

Happy Thursday Thirteen! It's been a long time since I did this meme, but it's always fun.
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marcia@joyismygoal said...

oh and I keep learning new things w/ 21 years of home ownership

jenn said...

We're happy renters, but would love to someday own a home.

Hootin' Anni said...

It never stops....all the learning. I've owned a home for over 40 years. But what I'd like to know is what's this about the lawsuits? Will have to Google that.

My 13 is up now, if you'd like to take a break from your everyday chores...come on over for a visit, and have a great Thursday.

Anonymous said...

14. Did you ever think, when you were in high school hoping for a date to the prom, that someday you might have a serious opinion on roofing materials?

I posted a TT also. Feel free to drop by and enter my contest while you're visiting. Thanks.

Sue said...

ohhh!!! 13 ok, let's see...... I watched Friday the 13th, tonight I'm watching part 2, then tomorrow part 3!!! there's my 13!!!

Erin said...

All I have to say is that I LOVE Orkin.

LissaL said...

Oh I hate those pesky ants! Sometimes I miss renting, but I think it is just because I want someone else to do the work and have to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your home! Good for you for hanging in there and taking the plunge. One thing we learned was to get referrals from our realtor. Realtors know every thing and every one. Generally, the referrals are good.

CountryDew said...

Homeownership is a good way to go if you're handy. (And I think parque is pretty.)

Heather said...

I wish I could afford my own home. I am sooo tired of sharing walls with inconsiderate neighbors. Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

I learned all about wells and woodstoves. I thought those houses were crayons.

Amy said...

Might as well start a notebook. I'm sure this list will only get longer. But I'm sure there will be a longer list of things you love about having your own home.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Bwahahaha -- so many of these make me think of our six years as a homeowner.

We had to have our roof redone last year (the house is 20+ years old). Oh, and at the same time, we had a screened in porch put on. After we did that, we started getting ants in the house. I think we must have disturbed their home. Blech! I *hate* them!