Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coming Soon

My very first official blog review & giveaway!

I have not set out to start reviewing or hosting giveaways, etc.
BUT...I received an e-mail from an interested party, asking if I was interested in reviewing their product, giving feedback, and possibly including a giveaway.

I agreed! I am excited, too. :)

I've started my "research" for the review, and I'm pretty confident it will be a giveaway worth entering, especially knowing so many of you that visit here have kids.

So keep your eyes open, I hope you support this new adventure for me, and enter to win when the time comes!
I don't know that I'll set up to do reviews, but this will be a fun experience, nonetheless.

Stay tuned!


Amy said...

Cool! Can't wait to see what it is!

Lu said...

Can't wait!!

Bethany said...

Sounds exciting!!!!!

Sue said...

you're a cool cool cool rider.

Andrea said...

Sooooo... you think this will bring you into the world of reviews?? I'm excited!!

Domanda3 said...

Awesome Sharon! I'm so excited!!!!