Thursday, June 04, 2009

Flashback Friday: Smash Mouth

I heard this on the radio & was immediately taken back to the Hard Rock Cafe, Rome, November 1999.
Sophomore year of college, 19 years old, nearing the end of my semester abroad.
My absolute favorite semester, containing the events of some of my favorite memories.

We were on the school-sponsored trip to Italy, touring Rome, Venice, and Assisi over 10 days.

Having been in Europe since the end of August, we were missing some American food. So into the Hard Rock Cafe we went.
I don't remember what I ordered, but I do remember having a nice alcoholic beverage, sitting at a long table with maybe a dozen other classmates, and enjoying the "American" music & atmosphere.

Smash Mouth came on, and many of us were instantly singing along, epitomizing the "stupid-American" to a T.

Do you know the part of the song where they sing "get your game on, go play"?
Yeah, well I loudly changed the lyrics to something else, and I remember a certain someone calling me out on that.
Hmph. Good intentions, but at 19, homesick, and literally an ocean away from my parents, I did not care.

Rome was amazing. So was Venice, even though it smelled.
Assisi, by far, had the best food. And white wine. Oh my gosh, if I could be there in Assisi right now...the food, the wine, then the walk through the piazza.

Thank you, Smash Mouth, for taking me back to that time in Rome.
I can see my friends, I can hear the music, and I can visualize the beautiful scenery that Rome offers.

Any Flashbacks for your Friday?
(yeah, yeah, it's not quite Friday yet. Deal)


Sue said...

when Haleigh got the Duke Tip scholar
we gave her one of those hallmark singing cards w/ that song. love this song & SmashMouth!

I like the line "only shooting stars break the mold"

Amy said...

Sharon, I'm totally jealous of that trip. Wish I had done something like that. I hope my kids have a chance to (though, having seen "Taken" maybe I don't!)

Erin said...

I remember that!!! It feels like it was just yesterday. Was it really almost 10 years ago?

Sharon said...

Isn't it crazy it's been that long?!
Do you remember who gave me a hard time about the lyrics?

Oh to go back...
One day. :)