Friday, June 26, 2009

In Honor Of

Michael Jackson passing away.
BUT...don't roll your eyes just yet. It's not just the fact that Michael Jackson died.
You see, I can't think of Michael Jackson without thinking of my sister.

She absolutely loved him growing up (still does). So many did.

I think he was amazingly talented. While the news may be going overboard (your own interpretation), for some people there is just no denying certain people who bring your childhood to mind. And if those memories are good memories, it's that much harder to think the end has come.
For many of us, those were good memories.

I first think of driving with my parents, brother, sister & her friend from Detroit to Akron so my sister could see MJ in concert. She was so thrilled. I recall his Off the Wall album playing nonstop. (is that right, Sue?)

He inspired my sister to dance, and she inspired me to dance. Dancing = my absolute favorite childhood memories.
That includes Anita's (dance school) performing Thriller, and I also remember Smooth Criminal somewhere. Hands down, Smooth Criminal was such amazing dancing.

Of course I think of Sue & Jeff's wedding reception. Has any other reception played as much Michael Jackson?!

Sue, I wish I was there with you to watch it all. I'd buy some good wine & give you hugs, followed by a dance party to all MJ songs! Tell Haleigh to do all that for me ( minus the alcohol, of course;).

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.


Lu said...

:) Good post!

Sue said...

thank you-I can't stop crying. i wish I could gt on a plane ight now to MI-where I know proper tribute is being done. I cry because I too, think of those magical years dancing. His music & his dancing was my greatest escape. I believe he looked the way he did the past 20 some yrs. because he couldn't handle what everyone was doing to him. If you close your eyes & listen to his latest music, it's the same Michael Jackson. He may have been 50 but I believe he lived his life many many more yrs. I wish I could take haleigh back in time so she could experience what I experienced. Off the Wall, hands down, is THE BEST album ever. I believe he is at peace & no one can torment him now. His hell was some of these past years on earth. I know he is in heaven & all the children taken too soon are dancing with him now.