Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something is Missing

A tooth!!
We didn't even know one was loose!
We were enjoying dinner when Aidan kind of pulled something from his mouth. The expression on his face made you think maybe a hair was in his mouth or something.

Sure enough, he lost his first tooth!
There was a little blood, and I quickly made Pat check Aidan's mouth (loose teeth seriously gross me out).
You can already see the 2 adult teeth coming in! The one next to the one that came out is pretty loose, too.

We had no clue! I am so shocked, and as a parent, not prepared at all for this milestone.
I never thought it'd be a "big" one, but holy moly, there is ADULT stuff in my boy's body!
Physical proof he's growing up!

I asked him if he knew one was loose, and he just shrugged & replied "nope!', happy as can be.
I was thinking we'd have at least a few months before this. He hasn't even started kindergarten yet!
I just can't believe it. And yes, you'll be hearing me say that a lot, but I just can't help it.
I'm looking at my Aidan, and all I can think is that he's growing up so fast.
He's making this momma step back and desperately want to slow it all down, or maybe just hit the PAUSE button for a bit.

Right away he went to put the tooth under his pillow.
What do you suppose the tooth fairy leaves for the first lost tooth these days, anyway?


Sue said...

Haleigh was in kindergarten when she lost her first baby tooth. Xmas Eve mass to be exact-Carolyn ofcourse had tissues!
Tell Aidan Haleigh lost her LAST baby tooth yesterday!! tooth fairy gave her $5.00
(sorry, Pat .25 no longer "cuts" it!)

Erin said...

Yay for Aidan!!!
I would say no to $.25 but I wouldn't give 5.00 either. Maybe $1.00??? I don't know. Hopefully we still have some time.

Bethany said...

I'm surprised he lost one already too! It seems early..but I guess not. We have a lot of kids at school who lose theirs at 5ish..eek! I'm glad we don't lose them as adults.

Nell said...

First tooth missing... what a milestone!