Saturday, June 20, 2009

What do you wish you could splurge on?

I don't mean that endless supply of chocolate (what? you don't wish for that?)
I know we all have a mental list of that dream house, or that one pair of shoes we keep holding off on.

I mean a big ticket item that you would wish for.

I have many, but today, I especially wish I had my own boat.
And not the type that can fit in my bathtub. ;)

My brother has a boat, and I think it is such a blast to go out on it.
I'm not fond of swimming in lakes, but I love being on the boat. I love going for the boat rides.

So many people near us have a boat. I can quickly start daydreaming each time I see one. Several people on our street have their own boat...heck, our neighbors have one. I see it, and I start dreaming. I'm out there, on the water, nice music playing (Jimmy Buffet, or the Pina Colada Song), I have Pat with me, Aidan, Brennan, some of their friends...we stay out for the day, going home in time to grill out some juicy hamburgers. That's my daydream. Oh, and I'd be stretch-mark & cellulite-free in my swimsuit. :) (it's a dream...I can dream it)

One day we may just buy a boat of our own. Not a huge boat, but one big enough for a couple of people.
I'm wishing to splurge on that right now.

How about you? If you chose one big ticket item to splurge on today, what would it be?
(pictured is the river in our town, just a few blocks from us)


In Light of the Truth... said...

a jet ski! we got to borrow a friend's for an afternoon when we were still back in CT, and it was AWESOME! I felt so free and youthful! We could just keep going up the river for forever. It' was a neat perspective of houses and the town

~M~ said...

I'm like you my list is long, but if I had to choose today ... I'd have to choose a car. One that will fit all 7 of us and groceries, and still get good enough gas mileage that we could take those road trips I've been wanting to take. Back to the mountains where I spent a lot of time as a kid, or over to grandmas for the kids, or just tooling around the country learning all the history we could in a hands on approach. :)

Diva Mom Vicki said...

The practical answer is a newer, paid-for car to replace my husband's very old, paid-for-car (which I'm sure is going to need replacing in the next 2 years).

The daydreamer answer is also a boat. We are just 5 miles from the Lake and every weekend I drool with envy watching people drive, boats in tow, out to the Lake!

Bethany said...

Since I can't buy a husband (haha) I think I'll go with a house. That way, at least I'd know (hopefully!) that I'd be staying in one place for a few years...that would be awesome!!!

Sue said...

ummm........ A HOUSE!!!!!!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

I love boats too oh and jet skis but they are less practical as a mommy. I would definitely buy a lake cottage to go with my boat. So many great memories at my grandparents lake home,I would love to give that to my kids.