Saturday, July 18, 2009

So...half empty/half full? Summer edition

Looking at the calendar, some would say that summer is halfway over already.
Others would cringe to hear that, insisting that the best is yet to come.

Our weather this weekend certainly makes summer feel like it is about to end, with highs of around 70(!) this weekend. But I know that's just a tease.

The 4th of July always marks the mid-summer point for me, mentally. So in my mind, summer is halfway over. Is the glass half full, or half empty?

I don't mind the cooler weather, I wouldn't mind summer activities coming to an end. However, I'm not so ready for Aidan to start school. Every day. All day.
While it was our decision (and we still feel it's the best choice for him), I am definitely going to miss him. He is a smart, sweet kid. Not to mention a little ladies' man! You should see him interact. Crazy.

I am ready for a normal schedule to resume.
Brennan has pretty much refused to nap most of the summer. I have a big feeling that's due to the excitement of Aidan being home. I'm thinking & praying that this child will start napping again once Aidan is back to school.

Aidan's social life has kept us busy. :)
Mondays he does this Super Silly Scavengers activity through the summer rec program. He loves it.
Tuesdays are a free day.
Wednesdays has been Story Time at the library.
Thursdays he does Fingerpainting through the summer rec program.
Fridays he does soccer, and the last 2 Fridays we've had additional fun at the library, like the Magic Show and the Max & Ruby special.

Everything is fun, but it's also exhausting.
Thankfully most of these programs come to an end this month.
Next Thursday we head south to see Erin & John in North Carolina.
After that I'm thinking we'll enjoy a low-key few last weeks of summer.
Hit the movies, the mall, play in the sprinkler a bit more, maybe go out to lunch with Daddy.

I want the remaining weeks to be more of those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer type days.

I felt we had a lot of that growing up.
I am really grateful my mom stayed home with us. I hope I am doing half the good she did by staying home with my boys.

Summer remains, for now.
How will you be bringing it to an end?


Sue said...

I'm not ready for summer to end. Haleigh starts in less than a month! ugh-not ready for 5th gr., not wanting to clean everyday again-it seems I'd have more energy if I had a house to come to everyday.
Aidan in school all day! I know, big adjustment but I think he'll do great. I hope you can volunteer a lot. I loved being a reading buddy & a Friday friend. Those are great pics of Aidan-he looks like a real pro!

Domanda3 said...

Wow! You guys sure do keep busy. Must be so much fun for the boys and especially Aidan in all those activities. I feel like summer is amost over because I DON'T want Dom to go back to work. I am excited to start Montessori with Mena though. She is definitly ready for a more stable routine. We've started potty training so that is one huge accomplishment from this summer. We are leaving for Iowa for ten days next Friday and can't wait. Family reunion at the end of the trip. Should be great!

Amy said...

This is the first summer since before Annie was born that I've worked full-time. And truthfully, I don't feel like it's been much of a summer. Swim team just ended a week or so ago, so we're enjoying the quiet between that and the start of soccer.

We took vacations in February and April, which were both great. But that leaves me with no time for many days off this summer. I'm hoping to squeeze in a few here and there before my kids go back to school (in only 28 days!).