Sunday, July 19, 2009

Level 3 & the Big-Boy Bed

I'm talking about two different topics here, people. I hope your minds were not in the gutter! ;)

Today brought 2 new adventures for us: the biggest was transitioning Brennan from his crib to a big-boy bed. The other was me doing level 3 of the shred for the first time.

From the beginning, Brennan has been our "crib baby". Aidan was a co-sleeper from day 1, but Brennan has always liked his space. He's our kid that slept in a crib, making new territory familiar to us. (in a good way) However, ever since Milwaukee, he stopped sleeping through the night.
I took him to the doctor to rule out any physical problems. Thankfully nothing was found.
We noticed he was resisting all sleep in his crib. He has completely stopped napping, too. The days are feeling pretty long lately...
We got to talking, and Pat shared with me that he felt Brennan would start sleeping better in a big-boy bed. Fortunately we had another twin bed available. It just meant de-bunking the bunk beds & buying some bedding stuff.

Today was the day.

After church this morning we attempted to put Brennan down for a nap, like we've been doing the past 2 weeks. Nothing. Sure enough he was resisting to his fullest potential.
So with Pat actually being home, we got busy. The bunk beds are no more, and the crib is out of sight. (yes, this momma teared up when the crib came down. Think it's time for baby #3?)
Brennan went from this:
To this:
Their room looks completely different, but so much better.

Brennan's new big-boy bed Ta-da! Finally 2 sleeping little boys
It will be an adjustment, but hopefully a good change and a fast one, at that.
We did have to get them to sleep separately, then move Aidan back once asleep. Brennan was way too excited over his new Lightning McQueen blanket, as well as he wouldn't stop inviting Aidan to "jump bed", as he calls it. Why sleep when you can have so much fun jumping on the bed?!
Regardless, they are both asleep now, and I am hoping that this change brings back Brennan's good sleeping habits. This momma sure misses her sleep!

And why do I need my rest? Because I am wearing myself out doing the shred!
I love it, though. I absolutely love this workout & am happy to say I am seeing results. I am 0.4 pounds away from being back to my Weight Watchers goal weight, but I'd like to lose even a little more and continue toning up. It's hard, but I am enjoying it.

Level 1 was tough, level 2 a little harder, but whoa nelly...level 3 is much harder!
I was huffing & puffing just a few minutes into it. Jillian Michaels has you doing jumping jacks with weights! Come on! Good calorie-burning stuff. My body just isn't used to it. I plan to do level 3 again tomorrow, and all week. Maybe even John & Erin will do it with me at the end of the week when we see them. What do you guys say? ;)

Shredding at level 3, bidding an unknown good-bye to our crib...changes. Small things add up, don't they?
20-some minutes a day is toning up my body, and sleeping in a twin bed is making my "baby" seem so much bigger.


Mandy said...

The room looks great! We have all the same pillowcases, LIghtning McQueen blankets, etc. :)

Good for you on the weight loss/exercise regime you have going on! I can't wait to start losing again. Seems like all I am doing is gaining. ;)

Sue said...

congratulations!!!! I'm still at Level 1 & I'll probably be there awhile-but that's ok.

yah Brennan!!! Now to get Jack in his own bed...........

Erin said...

Aww..Brennan looks so cute sleeping. How is it going with him in his bed?

Ok so we just started level 2 and it is killing me but maybe I will try level 3 but don't expect me keep up.

Bethany said...

The boys' room looks so great! I love Brennan's comforter!

You go girl--- level 3. SCARES ME!!!!

Nell said...

Big boy beds! I've got my older two in big boy beds, too. Just one more to go, but he has awhile to go ;)