Tuesday, August 04, 2009


3 is a magic number, isn't it?

3: the number I count to until my children could earn a time-out.

3: the number of years ago this month we found out I was pregnant with Brennan.

3: the number of years ago this month our 2nd baby was due. (meaning I'd have a baby turning 3 in 2 weeks)

3: the number of years ago this month Pat accepted a job offer, relocating us to Ohio.

3:the number of years apart between Aidan & Brennan.

3: the age Aidan was in his uncle's wedding, 2 years ago now

3: the number of levels to the shred (I'm a shred-head, I know)

3: in 3 weeks from today, we'll be going to New Family Orientation at Aidan's school.

3 weeks from tomorrow is his first day of school, full-day. *sob*

3. Three. Thrice.

So much has happened in 3 years. August always marks those times for me. Good and bad, alike.

Right now I feel like I'm counting down the last 3 weeks. Aidan is growing up, and I need to let him. I just never knew growing pains could be felt so much on the parenting end. They don't really tell you that at the baby showers, do they?

On a happier note, 3 is the number of petals typically found on a clover, clovers are abundant in Ireland, and I love Ireland. So there. :)


Sue said...

um, I'm truly happy you have a hot body, but I think you talk about the shread more than jillian.

Sharon said...

I never said I have a hot body. There's still jiggly parts, for sure.

After all those other things, that's all you have to say?! Nothing about kindergarten?!

Bethany said...

You should have written this yesterday, when it was the 3rd! ;)

Gosh, I can't believe Aidan is already going to Kinder. He's going to love it, though...

and yes, I agree with Sue. You think about the Shred WAY too much. ;)

Sue said...

too emotional to talk about Kindergarten!! I can't believe Aidan will going already!

yeah, it would've been a perfect post if done on the 3rd!!

Lu said...

Like this post....

Erin said...

I can't believe that Aidan is going to Kindergarten. Make these kids stop growing up so fast.

And yes Sharon you have some dedication to Jillian. I am impressed.

Andrea said...

I like! =)