Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Day Trip

2.5 hours in the car never felt long before...until yesterday. ;)
It wasn't too bad, actually, but Brennan made it known that he did not want to be going any where.

We headed to Columbus yesterday (Pat had to go for work), so we took advantage of it and visited with Bethany and toured Easton again. It was great to see Bethany again. The brave girl endured Brennan's tantrums and Pat & I bickering like old married people.
If she still talks to me after yesterday, then I'm impressed. (ha ha)
Columbus is pretty nice, but I quickly learned just how used to non-cities I've become. Not that we live in the sticks or anything, but big cities with crazy traffic is not what I'm used to. And honestly, I'm not so sure I enjoy it. To visit, yes, but not for every day life.

While Pat was in his meeting, Bethany & I wound up taking the boys to a Barnes & Noble. Thank God they offer a train table! We had lunch after that, meeting back up with Pat, then made our way to Easton. Pat visited the Apple store, I was amazed at the size of the Tiffany's there, and we sat around the fountain for a bit. We also let Aidan play in the sprinklers-very cute. He had a blast.
Brennan was more afraid of them, but he loved watching the train.
After that we attempted to eat at an Applebee's.
We left.
Brennan's behavior was bad (it was his witching hour, after all), but worse, the service was terrible. Even if I didn't have restaurant experience, I would know it was horrible service.
They weren't even that busy, yet we were not greeted for quite a while after entering the restaurant. Then, once we were finally greeted, they took someone else instead of talking with us first. They finally took our name, but never quoted us a wait time.
It was horrible.
They ought to be so glad we weren't secret shoppers. They would have earned a big fat "F".

Brennan fell asleep in the car, so guess where we wound up eating? (I'm almost embarrassed to say)
It was Bethany's first time. I hope she enjoyed it. I did, and it's a good thing since I don't let myself eat that stuff too often.

We are home again and had yet another busy day, but such is life, right?


Sue said...

Applebees everywhere need to GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

Amy said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough time. I know what you mean about that "witching hour"... while we were on vacation last week we had to eat supper (ironically, at an Applebees- but we had great service!) when my 3 year-old was exhausted. He spent a big part of the meal sitting under the table on the floor. No, I wouldn't normally put up with that, but it was a choice between tantrums or hiding, so we let him hide. Ugh!

By the way, you were just over an hour away from my house. :)

Amy said...

I've heard great things about Easton. If Columbus is only 2.5 hours from you, maybe we could meet up there sometime. It's probably about 3 hours from me.

Greg said...

Can you write more about Pat's visit to the Apple Store??


Bethany said...

Whatevvaaa. I had a blast with you guys!! I'm glad you had a good time too...I figured. Hey, in that pic of us at the fountain, Aidan's holding my hand. Kinda goes with the whole boyfriend thing, ey? Haha ;)

Andrea said...

Sounds like fun. Oh I love how kids are when you want them to be a certain way. =) Applebees is not a nice place - more times I'm irritated after leaving there then happy.

I've never had Sonic's and I want to. You are so good about not eating that stuff, I wish we were better.