Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Kid is Sick of Traveling

As soon as Brennan realized we were on yet another road trip yesterday (minutes after pulling out of our driveway), he vehemently started to protest:
"Noooo!!!! Go Back!!!! Nooo!!! Go Back!!!"
followed by:
"No highway! all done!"

It kinda broke my heart a little bit.

Yesterday was just a day trip, too. But Brennan has made up his mind, at least for now. He does not want to be in the car or his car seat for extended periods of time any more.

After a 7 hour trip to Milwaukee & back, then a 14 hour trip to North Carolina & back, I almost don't blame him.

Even with a movie playing, special travel snacks, etc, he has reached his limit.

This kind of presents us with a problem.

You see, my parents have reserved 2 units of their Gatlinburg timeshare for almost all of us (meaning siblings & their families), just 2 weeks from now.
Gatlinburg is a beautiful place, and I know it's a fun destination.
I know I enjoy the company of my family, too. I know that my kids would have fun playing with their cousins, and that yes, the trip can be done inexpensively.

I know all of that, but my mother won't believe me when I say I know all that.
If I mention that it may be best for us not to make this trip in 2 weeks, she will proceed to tell me that she really wants us there, and that there is no reason we should feel awkward, etc.

We don't feel awkward, but she will most likely make it out to be that, despite my efforts to inform her otherwise. (I love my mom! I really do!)
It's happened like this several times now.

Truthfully, I'm starting to think it's best for my little family if we slow down before Aidan & Pat go back to school.
Pat's final is this week, and he will only have off around 2 weeks before starting up again.
He has hardly had a break from school, since he's gone through all summer.
He needs a break. Some down time to just relax and not run around.
And call it selfish, but we want that as a family, too, before Aidan starts school full time.
Aidan's first day of kindergarten is August 26. That's not leaving a ton of time.

Aside from the much-needed down time, there are many things we need to get done around the house. I can do a lot solo, but there are things that Pat needs to do, or that we need to do together (broken garbage disposal, yard work, floor work, bathtub repair).

What to do?

I know if it was up to Brennan, he would say stay home!
Truthfully, it's starting to sound mighty good. Not that I don't want to see my siblings & their families. It's just that we need some time to slow down (& our poor, only car is taking a beating, too).
For the family that does read my blog, you know I love you, your kids, and getting to see you. Please don't think otherwise.
Besides, I'm planning a trip to SC with just Aidan this fall. It may actually fall over Haleigh's birthday. ;)

I'm hoping Brennan starts to enjoy traveling more as he outgrows the car seat and can be more mobile in the car. Pat & I love to travel, and we have too much family out of state to not travel.

I'm willing to bet that 2 weeks from now we'll still be in Gatlinburg, as planned. I don't know for sure.
Until then, I plan to keep the kids out of the car as much as possible!

Do you travel a lot with your kids? How do they handle it? Do you break up longer trips?


Erin said...

Awww, poor Brennan. It's no fun being stuck in the car for a long time. I don't blame you for wanting to stay home. I won't hold it against you ;)

Crystal said...

all I'm gonna say is, you can't please everybody all the time and you HAVE to what you feel is right for you, Pat and the boys, no matter if makes someone mad/hurt for a while. Even if you love the other people they will eventually understand and realize they may have done the same thing. Not saying you should or shouldn't go BUT if you feel Brennan and Aidan (and Pat and you) need a break from all the traveling, do it! Your IMMEDIATE family (ie husband and children) are your #1 priority.
Been there and done that with trying to please everyone, can't be done and I won't even try anymore (well at least for now, LOL)

Sue said...

well, I was just in a car accident last night so I don't even ant to get in a car! be safe-stay home.
I honestly don't know if we will go.
I'm just not up to it.

Amy said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes it's so much work to get somewhere to "relax." But if I were in the situation, I know I'd go b/c I wouldn't want my mom to feel bad and because it's always fun to be around all my siblings. But I'd probably cursing and muttering as I packed the car. Having said that, I have always admired those people who can just say no.

the JOHNSON family said...

We take a 23 hour drive to Michigan once a year. We do 13 hours the first day and 10 the second. It's pretty crazy! We leave super early in the morning (like 4am) and drive all day, usually stopping around 6 pm to get dinner and let the kids have some playtime before bed at the hotel. Then we try to leave around 8 the next morning and get to my parents around dinnertime. It's crazy!!!!!!!!! We give lots of snacks and really push it until the kids get crazy and then we stop for a break. We try to hold of on the DVDs until they are absolutely necessary! It's hard....I feel your pain!