Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

It is with such mixed emotion that I write this post.

One part of me wants to say that he was my colicky baby. I held him and listened to him scream for 4 straight months, sometimes thinking about my life without him. My "simple" life before he came along. I think about the times he frustrates me during the day, picks a fight with his brother, or refuses to go to the bathroom alone, even though I'm a whopping 10 feet away.

The bigger part of me, though, is thinking "how did my once colicky baby grow up so fast?!" I want to hold him longer, hug him more, and tell him how much I'll be missing him. I want to tell him that when we left the school today, Brennan cried and said his name over & over. I want to tell him that I cried, too, but not as much as I did the last 2 nights.
I want to make him know and feel just how much we love him, how much he means to our little family. He is the oldest child, and this is new for all of us.
Aidan is truly a blessing. My little kindergartner.

Instead of all those things, today I'll pick him up at 3:15 and ask too many questions about his day. I'll casually say we missed him, then ask the names of his new friends. I'll hug him, but not too tight. I'll find a super cool snack and let him watch The Magic School Bus before doing his homework (yes, homework already).

Tomorrow we'll do it all over again.

According to the schedule, Aidan is about to eat lunch right now. I hope he enjoys it and has fun at recess. Lunch here isn't the same without him, but he is doing his job and hopefully working hard.
Here is to a great new school year!


Sue said...

aww, so sweet. I know, I still have a hard time seeing Aidan in kindergarten! I just know he'll love it & think of the new memories being made. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you (and Aiden) had a good day :)

Mandy said...

awww! Hope he is having a great day (and you too!)

Andrea said...

I don't want to send my baby to school. Love the pictures, I hope the adjustment goes well. =) *hugs*

the JOHNSON family said...

I almost cried when reading your post because I feel the exact same way except my oldest is only in Pre-K 3. I'll be a wreck when he starts kindergarten! You're such a sweet momma. Congrats on raising him well this far!

Lu said...

:) Hope you're enjoying the new schedule! Such sweet pictures!

Nell said...

I love that picture of you and your little man together. :)