Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staying Busy

I think I subconsciously tricked myself into staying busy today.

Aidan starts school tomorrow, and my mommy-nerves have kicked in. I have been cleaning all day (though my house is still plenty-a-mess), and now Aidan & I just made some Banana Oat Bread. It's in the oven, so the house should start smelling great any time now. :) Plus he'll have something yummy to eat for breakfast on his first day of school.

But seriously, I think I know I'll miss him, etc, so instead of doing something spectacular today, I've been productive. I cleaned the bathroom, changed & washed our bedroom sheets, de-cluttered the bedrooms, organized some toys, put away laundry, and sorted out outgrown clothes of the boys.

Here I thought I'd be doing that stuff tomorrow. You know, trying to make the time pass quickly until I can pick Aidan up from school and see for myself that he had a good day & made friends.

SIGH. Deep breath in...deep breath out.

At least I still have plenty to organize tomorrow. I think I'll aim for the coat closet and maybe the linen closet. We'll see how busy I need to feel. I'll definitely enjoy the one-on-one time with Brennan.

Oh, on a side note, in my busyness today, I saw that Stacey cut her hair and is looking smokin' hot. Nice 'do, girl. And she is looking mighty thin, too.

Only 2 more hours now until we head over for Back to School Night & Orientation. Phew. I am ready to have this over with, come home, get the boys to bed, then drink some wine and enjoy chips & salsa.
Tomorrow our new schedule begins.


Stacey said...

Thanks, homey!

Bethany said...

Breathe...he will have a great time and you'll be okay too! You know he's in good hands...if you feel like talking, feel free to call at any time. Heck, even if you don't feel like talking you can call and I'll make you laugh :)