Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sneaky & Deceptive

As in The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious.

With the task of packing school lunches looming over me, I have kind of slipped into a mini panic zone.

Having traveled so much this past summer, my kids have sort of fallen into a not-eating-so-healthy way. While I make sure I eat a lot of veggies and healthy foods, I am guilty of not ensuring the same for my kids.
It's easy enough to say "well hey, they're kids. They need more fat in their diet than I do".
True. But they need the good, healthy fats. Not the foods I've been feeding them.

I know there is a big-time connection between behavior, grades, and what we eat. I still feel it. When I eat well, it really does reflect in my moods. When I eat poorly, it's likely you'll see a crabby Sharon.

So today I reserved a copy of each book from our library. I hope to sample some of these recipes over the weekend. I really hope my boys will not only eat at least one of them, but I hope they also enjoy them. For the record, I have no problem telling them what's in each meal. I'm not trying to be sneaky. Rather, I am trying to find ways for them to eat veggies and find they like the taste of it.

The Sneaky Chef had this recipe for free on site today: Cheesy Lunchbox Muffins. I plan to try it (I'll update with feedback)

Have you used either book? Any recipes worth trying?

I'm making a mental list of what to prepare for breakfasts and school lunches.
Stress. (Alright, maybe not that bad, but it's new to me. I'll be good in about a week.)


Sue said...

I'm opposite. feed me raisinettes & I'm one happy girl. will aidan get the choice of any hot lunch?

Mandy said...

I have and was totally unsuccessful. My husband, who usually eats anything, wouldn't even touch the food I made. There are some good things in those books...I hope it works for you and your family!