Friday, August 21, 2009


I've been working on this Gatlinburg post since Tuesday (actually Monday night when we uploaded the pictures), but there was stress from our car, messed up routine, etc.

To sum it up, the trip we weren't sure about going on was actually really nice.
It was great to see my family, and we all got along pretty well. We enjoyed playing games (girls ruled in Taboo, once again!), Aidan & Brennan loved seeing their cousins, and my parents really seemed to enjoy just watching everyone hang out together.

The timeshare room was absolutely gorgeous...seriously beautiful. It was over 2,000 square feet, and the decor was pretty nice. We were in the Presidential Suite.

We left feeling like a little more time would have been nice, which is good when you think of the alternative. ;) So overall no complaints (except our car's a/c breaking with 5 hours still to drive home)

Picture Time:

View from gorgeous time share balcony

inside the suite

kitchen area, with full-sized appliances and nice island

the boys! I love this one. Jack, Aidan, Sebastian

Jack playing in the sprinklers

Sebastian & Perpetua having a blast in the water

My Dad! LOL His expression cracks me up

Me with the out!
Most of the kids, playing the Wii
Me with my 2 goddaughters, Addie & Haleigh


Amy said...

Was this timeshare just up the road from an outlet mall and a Barnes & Noble? Looks just like the one I stayed in about 18 months ago.

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had a good time. The room you stayed in looks fab!

Erin said...

You took some great pictures! I only took 17 the whole week we were there :( But we got all your dad's pics on our computer.

Bethany said...

Aside from the picture of you with the knives (which scares me!), I love the pics! I'm glad you went and had a good time :)

Andrea said...

lol i love the knife pic. i looked at most of these on fb!