Thursday, August 13, 2009

What else would you do?

Nap? No way!
How about demolish the room?Instead of napping, Brennan takes a "quiet time". Only it's not been so restful & quiet lately. In true not-napping fashion, Brennan spends that time opening the closet doors, pulling his brother's shirts off the bar, throwing them around the room, and trying to push the hangars underneath the door.
He also throws his pillows & blankets to the floor, pushes over the little table between their beds, and misplaces the floor vent. Oh, let's not forget peel the border off the wall. Yeah. That one takes more patience for him to achieve.
He is not fussing or screaming, mind you. This is all fun for him.

What else would a 2 year old do?
Not actually nap, right?
(by the way, when Aidan was this age, he would nap on average 3 hours a day. Every. Single. Day.)


Sue said...

oh my-maybe Brennan has the super powers!!

Patty Arnold said...

I WISH my kids' messes were that tame!