Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky, because it feels like Thursday. Yesterday felt like Wednesday, today feels like Thursday.

This is going to be a random post. I've been a slacker in posting lately, probably becoming quite boring. I think once school starts I'll get back into a routine (I'm always better on teacher-time).
So my apologies for becoming a boring, infrequent blogger. Thanks for sticking around. :)

Let the randomness begin:

Have I mentioned my 2 year old no longer naps? He refuses. Sometimes he'll fall sleep if we're in the car, but when I try to get him to nap at home, no way. Instead he demolishes his room, or jumps on his bed. 2:30-5:00 can be such an exhausting time.


Know what feels good? Soaking your feet in a basin of nearly hot water, mixing in some Menthol/Eucalyptus Sea Salts. It is relaxing, smells good, and makes your feet nice. :) I did this one night after power-walking, and it was great. Plopped myself down on the couch, soaked my feet, watched tv...ahh.


Speaking of exercise, I wound up skipping the shred for nearly 4 days, as well as missed my walking. I felt ginormous last night. It put me in a bad mood. That whole exercising-releases-endorphins-that-make-you-happy thing must be true. It's also a sad realization that my body is to a point where it needs the physical training almost daily, or it starts to expand again rather quickly. Certainly wasn't that way in high school. Oh well. My monthly visitor isn't helping any. (someone please tell me bloating IS real?!)


One of my favorite things about fall (just around the corner!) is the tv schedule coming back. While I've been enjoying the summer shows The Closer and Hawthorne, I am looking forward to regular tv coming back. Yesterday I looked up premier dates for most of my shows. :) That made me happy. I'll be posting those soon. The shows include: Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Private Practice, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, CSI NY (Sue got me hooked on that one), 90210, Cold Case, House, & I may be forgetting something. What are you planning to watch?


Today may be a day that results in a need for chocolate. I am going to search for a new, yet on-sale, swimsuit. Ick. I HATE shopping for a swimsuit. It's hard to feel attractive with all my gorgeous stretch marks. ;) And apparently there is supposed to be a separation part from your booty to the top of your legs. Who knew? All of my shredding & I still have yet to see that separation. I think I'll be buying some Skinny Cow ice cream at the store today.


We leave for Gatlinburg on Friday. While I know Gatlinburg is beautiful and fun, the timing isn't the best, and I hate being guilted into something. The money right now could really be used better in other areas, but family is more important than money. Timing is just annoying. I do have a goal in Gatlinburg to hit the pool & try to help Aidan get over his fear of the water.


I'm annoyed it's still another week until we find out who Aidan's teacher will be. I think I'm freaking out a bit much over him starting kindergarten. I do think it's best, what we've decided. I really hope he comes home his first day full of excitement and with stories of his newly-made friends. I wish I lived closer to my side of the family. That first day of school I'd go bug my mom or sister.


Aside from all of my complaining, my husband is on break from school and it is so nice having him home after work. He is more pleasant without the stress from school, and Aidan certainly needed some hard-core Daddy time. We had a little at-home date the other night, consisting of ice cream and watching Fast and Furious. The ice cream was good, the movie was OK, but the time together was really nice. I forgot how much easier it is with 2 parents around. I love not having to do cooking dinner/dinner/clean up/bath/bed by myself.

That's the end of my randomness for now. My over-tired crabby children are bickering (music to a mother's ears, right?), so I better go before someone starts crying.
Have a good Wednesday!


Amy said...

Oh Sharon, I'm right there with you on several notes-- the infrequent posting, the not-napping cranky child, the bloating, and the worry about school. Yikes.

My daughter starts first grade on Tuesday, and we apparently won't find out who her teacher is until Open House on Sunday. I'm already freaked out about strangers managing her diabetes care... this isn't helping!

Sue said...

Don't worry, we're traveling in our battered car & with so little money that dollar menu fast food will be our only option! It would make perfect sense to stay home but we are very excited to see everyone-especially Jeff. I can't wait to see Nick! Hopefully Brennan will get back on schedule in the Fall-hang in there. H & J were never good nappers but it didn't really matter with Jack-too much going on so I think he didn't want to miss anything. I CAN'T wait for CSI NY!!!! remember the finale??? DWTS, MONK BETTER take a turn fo the excellence & SVU should be good if they can keep politics out of it! that's why I love CSI NY, Gary Sinise rocks!!!!!
I think Aidan's school school or the teachers should have sent out a welcoming packet informing the parents of their child's teacher. But I'm sure he/she will be great :)