Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to One of My Favorite People!

And that's no sarcasm!

Happy Birthday, Sue!!

I'm skipping the mushy stuff (you know how I feel drive me insane, you're my best friend, yadda yadda yadda)

Instead of posting pictures of you (since I know how much you love that), I decided to post some things that make me think of you. Awww...aren't I nice?

Oh yes, let's kick it off with The Backstreet Boys. My older sister convinced me to go with her to see them in concert, when I was in college. I can't deny that we had a great
time. She screamed. She cried. She hurt my ears. She had fun.
Next up: one of her true loves:
But since I just don't see the flare in Edward Norton, I'm moving on to her real true love. Maybe not so much in looks, but definitely in talent:
May he rest in peace.
He certainly was one of the most incredible dancers. I'll bet you today, he's twirling GW around, dancing for your birthday.

If I was there, I'd treat you out to lunch, filling you a nice styrofoam cup full of crushed ice and regular Coke.
I'd top it off with some Raisinettes for dessert. :)

Since I'm not there, I sure hope someone else steps up to the duty!

I sincerely hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve it.


Sue said...

aww, thanks!! :) btw, YOU & ALLISON got me onto BSB. for my bday, you should watch Twilight, PAt will thank me.

PB said...

Sue, we watched Twilight, it was only OK.

Nell said...

I love me some Edward when he is all buff! :)