Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Fall! (check out our decorations)

Fall is here!
I know it's technically been here for a few days, but on the first day of fall, we were near 85 degrees here. NOT fall-enough weather for me.
But today it feels like fall! I am loving it. As you probably know, it is my favorite season. Nature is just gorgeous, the fall food is fabulous...what's not to love? (plus I can go
longer without shaving, hee-hee)

Today was a productive day. (not that my house is clean. Lord knows it is a mess!)
It started off with my weigh-in at Weight Watchers. As a lifetime member I am required to weigh in at least once a month. I had not weighed in since August 8th, so I had to weigh in. I have barely exercised this past 2 weeks, so I was nervous. Plus last week I went crazy and didn't even track my eating. That is never a good thing.
While I didn't get in my exercise this week like I should have, I did eat pretty well and not even use all my points.
So at 8:30 this morning, I stepped on the scale, and much to my surprise, I went down a little! I am now 3 pounds under my goal weight. I was shocked, and I am pretty content.
Good start.

The day got better, in a way, because next up was my time slot for the 40 Days for Life campaign. (40 days for life site is here) I have always been pr
o-life, but it's been a while since I prayed outside a clinic, did the life chain, or March for Life in DC. It's been since I college, if I remember correctly.
Pat & the boys dropped me off, and I along w/ a few others prayed for an hour in silence outside the clinic. It was a very moving experience. I honestly had to wonder why I haven't done this more.
Fortunately I didn't see anyone go in (I don't think the place was open while I was there). I think I would have had a hard time if I saw anyone go in. After having a miscarriage, I vowed to do more, even if only through prayer, for the unborn. Life is truly precious, and my experiences made me feel like I should do more. The unborn deserve it.

Next it was time to head home. Lunch was fed, then we dropped
Pat off at the library so he could study for his upcoming test on Tuesday. Have I ever complained a zillion times before that I hate when he has to be gone on Saturdays?
The boys have a hard time with it, so I sometimes panic. Seriously. Isn't that ridiculous? I think "What am I going to do with them?!" It had threatened rain, so the park wasn't a good choice.

Then we decided: we'll decorate for fall!!! Aidan is an awesome helper when it comes to decorating, and it's something he and I have always done together.
Do you remember when we made his handprint wreath? I loved that.

This has been the first fall we've been able to decorate in the fashion I've always wanted. It's our first fall as homeowners, and as stupid as that sounds it's true. Couldn't care too much during the summer, but with Fall and Halloween around the corner, I am excited to be able to put up things I want. First time in almost 7 years.

While I am no designer or true decorator, we did have fun, and here is the end result:

Hay bales? Check
Scarecrow? Check
Mums? Check
Pumpkins? Check!

We also picked up this wreath for only $5 at Rite Aid! It won't last forever (only $5), but much more reasonable than the one I wanted, costing $30+. I'll take this for right now. :)

I'm not always a fan of our black front door, but wreaths can sure show up nicely against it.

Aidan also did the window stickers, which you can see more from the inside. He had fun, and that's what matters.

Happy Fall!


Bethany said...

It looks great! :) I'm glad Aidan's such a good helper- I need some fall decorations down here!

casual friday every day said...

Love your decor! We have no funds for decorating this year. Just a couple pumpkins and that is about it.


Sue said...

I love Fall-it looks great. can't wait to see your house!