Monday, September 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--September 28, 2009

The Cheap-Budget edition!
You may be seeing a lot of these. :) We started Financial Peace University, so a goal this week is to actually use the food we already have in the house, planning meals around what's available already to us. Not that I am normally lavish with my menu-planning, but this week I'm trying to do a "clean-out-the-cupboards" type.

And guess what? It took me a whopping 3 minutes to come up with 5 meals. Not bad.
Monday: Chicken & Noodles, peas & corn (using cream of chicken soup)
Tuesday: Pasta Night (meatless this week)
Wednesday: Sandwiches or nuggets for the kids (hubs & I have Financial Peace)
Thursday: Pancakes with fruit on the side (using Bisquick Heart Smart)
Friday: Black Beans & Rice (my boys will probably add some Ranch dressing to theirs)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a good week. :)


Sue said...

I LOVE black beans & rice!!!!

Lu said...

great job!

Bethany said...

Sounds like a yummy week. Check out my menu (snort!) ;)

the JOHNSON family said...

You have to check out this chicken and black bean recipe!

It's the easiest thing on earth to make and so incredibly delicious!