Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Erin! I hope you have to do no cooking today. :) (unless you want to)
Tuesday: Crockpot Applesauce Chicken (new recipe), quinoa
Wednesday: Black Bean Tacos w/ all the fixins'
Friday: Daddy's Choice! Also his night to cook this week. ;)

Fall is officially here!!! Woo-hoo! I love fall. Love love love it.
Fall brings something new to my menu planning. I'm throwing in a "daddy's choice" every now and then.
Because my family has grown picky and rude. I put much time & effort into menu planning, and sure, not all meals are out-of-this-world, but I'm not the world's worst cook, either. So I'm sick of my efforts being wasted.
Hence my husband earning himself a night to plan and cook a family meal. (not that he's complaining, and he is a good cook).
So Daddy's Choice prevails.

Have a great week! Here is to NON picky eaters!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

It all sounds so good!


Stop by and see what's cookin' over at Free2BeFrugal!

Chrissy said...

I have been sooo bad about posting menu plans. Oh well, I have been okay about the actual planning though. It makes life much easier. I HATE spending time making a GOOD meal, and my kids saying "ewww this is disgusting" seriously?!?! They actually say that! it is rude. Anyway, I am not a short order cook people, eat it or be hungry is my motto!

Bethany said...

Yum, yum. I need to steal some of your ideas.

Lu said...

Love your new background and applesauce chicken sounds yum!!! Makes me want to go apple picking!!!

Amy said...

I WISH my husband could cook! There is often one night per week when I work late, and he feeds the kids. Without fail, they have frozen chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, or else McDonald's. I love the man dearly, but even he will tell you that cooking is not his thing. ;)

darnold23 said...

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