Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This Kid

Brennan has been a babbling machine lately. His language has just exploded, he is speaking in sentences, and talking NON STOP. (in true Aunt Sue fashion;)

-Today we had to run to campus so Pat could buy his book. We dropped him back off at work, then went straight home. As we pull into the driveway, Brennan excitedly yells "You found it! OUR house!".

-Remember how Brennan doesn't nap any more? Yeah, he is still destructive, but attempting other things. I keep the monitor on, and today at one point during his "quiet time" he sounded muffled. I go to check on him, and he had opened the closet, gone into it, then closed the closet doors. Only he couldn't get them open from the inside to let himself out.
Thankfully he wasn't scared. When I let him out of the closet, I said "Brennan, why were you in the closet?!". He replied "Um, because".

He has also started saying "You buy it!" in a demanding voice when he is at stores w/ me and sees something he'd like.

This kid...he is fun, strong-willed, exhausting, and most days, almost a nightmare by 3 p.m.
I love him.


Sue said...

well, thank you, I take that as a complement! It's good to see Brennan is managing without Aidan!

Amy said...

Almost a nightmare by 3pm?! LOL! Love hearing about Brennan.

the JOHNSON family said...

Brennan and my Eli would get along so well together! They sound like they are long lost twins! Eli has that same response when I ask him questions, "Um, because" So cute!

Bethany said...

Aww...I love Brennan! Send him to my school! ;)