Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday: BUST IT!

I seriously loved this from Glee. 

A little more clean from the original version I grew up hearing:

I admit: I had the cassette. I owned Young MC's album in cassette form. 
I remember warming up to Bust a Move during dance class, at Anita's in Michigan.
Why the heck I knew those words when I was 9 years old? Who knows. Thankfully I didn't know the meaning at the time. LOL 
Good times, though. I really enjoyed the Glee performance of it.


Sue said...

that was great! pretty good for a white guy :)
but isn't that what's great about dancing to a song? we don't need or even care to know what the song is about-as long as it has a good beat.

good memories-great way to start a Friday!

Tara said...


Kasia said...

I think I still don't know the meaning of the words...