Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 months!

Amy posted recently about Christmas, and it inspired me to write this post.

Ha! You might be thinking "It's not even Halloween YET!", but the reality is, it's 2 months until Christmas. 2 months from today is Christmas Eve, people! Scary? I think a little.

But this year I am prepared. As of yesterday, I am probably 90% finished with my Christmas shopping!
(translation: the "big" gifts the boys ask Santa for are bought).

I have never had so much of my shopping done by Halloween. Heck, I don't normally even start until around Thanksgiving.

But I like this. It feels good. :)

For Aidan (my 5yo), it's the Imaginext Dragon World. I was skeptical, but if nothing else, I do have 90 days to return or exchange. I don't think he'll change his mind, though. He says he "very wants this!".

Brennan wasn't hard, either. He loves the Little People toys still, and I'm thrilled because so do I. We bring out all of our Little People toys and make Little People World. It's actually a lot of fun. On creative days, we even line up the Hotwheels through Little People World and pretend it's a parade. :)
So for Brennan (our 2yo), it's the Little People Fire Station:

We already have the fire truck that their Aunt Sue gave them Brennan's first Christmas. It's perfect.

A few other things I picked up back in August, when Meijer had a huge clearance event.
That included this Frogger DVD game, the Imginext Safari Vehicle (I bought for half off), a foam hopscotch play mat (similar to this, but for a super cheap clearance price), and a wooden jump rope for both of them, similar to this one from Potty Barn (on clearance for $1.78, and theirs is a snake).

I'm excited! Every Advent I think "I need to do my shopping earlier so Advent can be more spiritual, etc". And this year we'll have that opportunity.
Plus, my husband doesn't know it yet, but those nights we'd normally be out shopping, I plan to coerce him into watching endless Christmas movies with me. Including the ones ABC Family does as a part of their 25 Days of Christmas. :) I'll even let him rub my feet while we drink hot chocolate. See why he's glad he married me?

2 months. Two months, people.

How many have started their shopping?
How many know what they plan to buy?

Tis the Season...


Amy said...

Sharon - I didn't get a chance to respond to you the other day, but yep, we've done the Imaginext toys and my boys loved them. The only caveat is that they are made to be put together and taken apart over and over again and sometimes they don't stay together well.

parentingBYdummies said...

We've started our shopping already, too. Or, let me say I have. Hubby likes to be the last minute guy who has to run around like a crazy man on Christmas Eve like Arnie in Jingle All the Way. He says it gets him in the spirit. I say, who even needs spirit the day before' it's essentially over by then! Found you on and just thought I'd say hello to a fellow mommy of boys!

Sue said...

that's awesome-I love the castle & after seeing Aidan's batcave last year, i love Imaginext toys.
I almost done w/ jack-mainly star wars-shocker!!!

Haleigh is all about clothes now & jewelry & she still likes her nintendo ds.
I love all the Christmas music & you better make Pat watch A Christmas Story!!!

Bethany said...

You're certifiably crazy for doing all this shopping but I secretly applaud you. I haven't thought about Christmas and probably won't for at least 6 more weeks. :D

Erin said...

I am jealous!!! I have no idea what to get the kids this year. They want everything they see. I have gotten some small things over the months when I find good deals.

Andrea said...

Poop.. I don't want to think about this.