Monday, November 23, 2009


It's almost Thanksgiving! It's almost time!
I've spent my money & down to a dime.

Family is coming, there must be no mess,
I am full of excitement, plus some stress.

I'll cook the turkey, it better not burn,
we'll share our thanks, each offering a turn.

It's only Monday, but I better get busy,
'Lest I get myself in a tizzy.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friends!
Enjoy the rest of November, as it comes to an end.

Alright, I'm no poet and I certainly know it, but Aidan and I were doing rhyming words, so I couldn't resist. Sorry you had to suffer through my juvenile attempt at a rhyme. ;0

That is the word to describe my week.
 I am really looking forward to it, though.
Tomorrow my parents should arrive (evening), so today is more cleaning and checking the grocery list. I skipped MPM because there is too much, and our dinners will be last minute meals. 

Tomorrow will be mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing rugs, vacuuming, and cleaning the fridge. Of all those tasks, I dread cleaning the fridge the most. Just ick.

Wednesday will be cooking and doing some shopping for the fresh ingredients. 
Aidan and I will make the Teepees, Pilgrim Hats, Football Rice Krispie Treats, and my mom & I will make the potatoes, both mashed and sweet. We'll hard boil the eggs for deviled eggs, too. 

Thursday! Thanksgiving is only 3 days away! Isn't that crazy? November has just flown by. This year is truly almost over, especially with Advent starting this coming Sunday. 
I am ready to start the madness. I am hopeful my first Thanksgiving hosting will only turn out good memories. 
I can't wait to see my family. 

My blogging will probably be light this week, so I want to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING now. Have a wonderful week! How will you be spending your Thanksgiving?


Sue said...

very cute :) can't wait to see a pic of your bird.

Erin said...

That was cute! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!