Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday was a day of cleaning, in all forms.

Our boys were with their grandparents all day, so we did heavy duty cleaning you can only do without little ones running around. Our big area rug in the living room? Yeah, completely moved that, moved the couch out of the room, train table, too, and vacuumed, swept, and mopped that room. It looks so much better.

Same with the playroom. My parents will be sleeping in there, so we rearranged toys, did the winter window-covering to the windows in that room, and organized the bookcase.

That alone took a good 2 hours or so.

We had time alone! For the first time since MAY! It's so nice to be able to finish sentences, eat without sharing food, and just have an opportunity to be with each other if only for a few. Grant it, most of our alone time was spent cleaning, but we did take a lunch break and enjoy eating out at Subway. Without ordering a kids' meal, without needing excessive amount of extra napkins, without a highchair...
Not that we don't adore and love our kids. We do. We even missed them. But in making time for each other, you do serve as better parents.

We made it to Confession yesterday, then Mass, and got in some quality prayer time. Without kids! I tell ya, you can really absorb a lot more of the Readings when you can hear what's being said. HA!
Ironically enough, this was the first time in months we wore jeans to church, and of course we were asked to carry up the gifts. Figures.

We also did the last of non-perishable shopping for Thanksgiving, buying our trail mix to put out, nuts, and today Aidan & I are considering making these cute Footballs to have for turkey day.

Productive weekend.
We cleaned up.
I feel refreshed.

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Shelley said...

The cleaning sounds EXHAUSTING, but the lunch and the Confession/Mass sound wonderful. LOL on being asked to carry up the gifts -- isn't that ALWAYS the way? Grrr.

Followed your link to the area rug and I really like it a lot! $42, wowie!!!