Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Edition of THIS & THAT

Make my own?
We're getting a new Christmas tree this year (artificial, which I am a fan of;).
With that, we need a tree skirt. Why the heck are those things so pricey?! It's ridiculous.
Now I'm not crafty, I can't even sew a button. But I came across this last night, and I think it's a cute idea: Make Your Own Tree Skirt. It mentions that if you have little kids, you could do their handprints on it. I thought what was adorable sounding. We'll see if it actually happens.


I'm buying my turkey tomorrow! On sale for $0.59/pound. I'm excited. I have been obsessing over turkeys, prices, fresh or frozen, etc. I'm nervous about hosting Thanksgiving, but I'm also getting very excited. I think our table layout will be pretty festive.
Aidan and I are planning to do a trial run of making these teepees this weekend:

I'll let you know how they turn out! Pictures will reveal it all.


Tube Time: I loved the CSI trilogy episodes, I'm hooked on The Biggest Loser now, I haven't watched House at all this season, and I think Flash Forward is a show you can easily lose interest in.


Coffee is my friend. Lately, my best friend. Since daylight savings, my boys have been up before 6 Ah! Gain an hour? I wish!


I <3 the Lean Cuisine Philly Cheesesteak meal. 7 points of goodness. Delicious goodness, and it put a smile in my tummy last night.


Finally, need some olive oil?
A good friend had e-mailed me a coupon for free olive oil. I was skeptical it'd work, but last night I went grocery shopping and used it, no questions asked. Saved me $9.49!
I'd be happy to forward it to you. Just leave me a comment with your e-mail address, or e-mail me and let me know you'd like it.


Have any weekend plans?
Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
What is the main item on your Christmas list?
And for Thanksgiving dinner, what is the dish you love the most, excluding turkey?


Kim said...

Wow, free olive oil?? I'm so in! My email is

I love the ice cream cone teepees...I might just have to steal the idea :)

Erin said...

That is such a cute idea for a tree skirt!

the JOHNSON family said...

Definitely send me that coupon! I use olive oil all the time!

Bethany said...

Sure, sure, hook me up with the olive oil too. If you don't have my email address by now, that's a problem. I expect pics of the tree skirt w/ handprints and the teepees because they are both going to be adorable!

Amy said...

I'd like the free olive oil coupon too -- 4thfrog70 AT gmail dot com.

We bought an artificial tree at Sears today - 7.5 ft., multi-color LED lights. $199. There was one I like a little better for $279, but I couldn't justify the extra cost.

Chrissy said...

Yes, Olive oil please... chrissyt@rocketmail(dot)com


Home Manager

Is it too late for free olive oil?
But then could you delete my comment?