Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: Thankful

I made one post so far this month about being thankful.
After a few more days, I'm ready for another.
Here goes:

I'm thanking God for:

-my boys. They may be waking us up before 6 a.m. for over a week now, but they are adorable & sweet (most of the time;), and I love them to pieces.
-Having our own backyard for them to play in, and jump in the many leaves we have.

-I'm thankful for getting in some good exercise since Saturday. I had been slacking off, but since saturday I've power-walked nearly 17 miles, and that feels good.
-turkey going on sale! Honeysuckle White for 0.38/pound. That means I'll be buying our turkey for less than budgeted, and only around $10.

-my hard working husband. I know that sounds corny, but I appreciate him more than I show him. And it's cute to think he's probably getting a little red in the face reading this. (save the slugs, Pat!)
-yummy dinners the past few days, from Pork & Apples to our awesome Pot Roast. Yes, food makes me happy.

-Lastly, I'm thanking God for the means to buy some stocking stuffers yesterday. Aidan's stocking is almost completely accounted for, with the exception of the candy. I was at Michael's yesterday, and their dollar bin has some good stuff in it, especially if you have Toy Story, Lightning McQueen, or Princess fans in your home.

What are you thankful for? 


Sue said...

well, I'll do my best to put my bitterness aside. I'm thankful that Jeff made it home safely from Atlanta, (driving through the remains of Ida) that Haleigh is feeling better, that I am feeling better, for Kevin's phone calls, for Coke, & Jack sharing his Halloween candy.

BUT-if I do NOT get a job soon, I am entering the illegal world!!!!

oh, very thankful for Mom & Dad! to have dad to give all his knowledge on homes is priceless!!

Bethany said...


I'm thankful for my bad, although I wish I were in it right now.

I'm thankful for my job, excited for the new things planned and VERY thankful for coworkers who step in without being asked when I clearly need help.

Think I should come back to this tomorrow, when it's a new day.